Successful HRSS to Help You Win Workplace Along With Market Place

Featured Speakers:

Mr. Naozer Dalal – COO, Conneqt
Mr. Arnab Ajit Ghosh – Sr. Manager, HRSS Solutioning & Operations, Conneqt

Date: 26th November, 2019 | Time: 11:30 AM IST

Organizations across industries are challenged with recruiting, managing, engaging and retaining the best talent, at the lowest cost to the company. This challenge can get compounded in a tough economic environment, with the Human Resources function having to fulfil an ever-expanding gamut of responsibilities with limited manpower.

Additionally, the HR function is pressured to adopt new channels – such as social media & mobile – to handle associates across the employee lifecycle. It’s imperative to look for a service partner who can take on different aspects of the function, to let the HR team focus on strategic HR and building the human currency of the organization.

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we have experience in managing a significant volume of resources, bringing established best practices to different aspects of HR. We are amongst the leading HRSS companies in India that help in delivering exceptional customer experience, enhancing business outcomes and simplifying complex internal challenges to provide better service to your employees.

In this webinar our experts discussed how Conneqt’s key HRSS offerings, enable you to manage your complete HRSS processes. They also deep dived into our capabilities and best practices in:

  1. Recruiting
  2. On boarding & Personnel File Management
  3. Work Immersion Utilities, Payroll & Attendance
  4. Management System
  5. Employee Retention & eNPS
  6. Post-Employment & Retirals




A global leader in Health and Fitness space based out of California, honor’s Conneqt with the prestigious “Annual Partner Excellence Award”

Annual Partner Excellence Award
, Beachbody @ California

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