Deliver Amazing Customer Experience with Customer Lifecycle Management Services

Featured Speakers:
Ashish Ghiya – Head of BFSI Global Operations, Conneqt

Rinoo Rajesh – Vice President, Business Transformation Services, Conneqt

Date: 23rd May, 2019 | Time: 1:30 PM UAE Standard Time

Banking and Financial organizations in the Middle East are turning to modern and sustainable Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) services that complement their legacy operations as well as enhance the customer experience. Changing demands of the customer and customer expectations present significant challenges in today’s digital era against the backdrop on increased regulation, aging technology, margin erosion, and processes.

Conneqt Business Solutions excels in CLM services and solutions with a focus on the desired outcomes. We had redesigned the processes to deliver an end-to-end strategy which covers the complete customer lifecycle. Our solutions are tailored to the client needs, to make sure they deliver the right combination of agile world-class technologies, intelligent analytics, proven lean processes focused on helping the organization manage risks, optimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

In this webinar our experts discussed how we made a difference to leading banking and financial organizations using our tailor-made approach. It was a productive workshop where are leaders discussed the latest ideas, Technologies, and Services.

Key points learned during this webinar:

  • How CLM solutions can enable businesses to score high on C-Sat, deliver efficient customer service, enhance operational efficiencies, and use the right technology platforms
  • Deliver more effective and delightful customer experience




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Annual Partner Excellence Award
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