Adopting a Data-Driven Customer-Focused Approach to Collections

Featured Speakers:

Sudhir Thakur – Vice President, BFSI Collections, Conneqt

Date: 13th August, 2019 | Time: 3:00 PM IST

Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India have been steadily growing their share in the Indian credit market and report forecasts the segment’s share to increase from 19 to 20 % by2020. Despite recording robust growth, the sector has been challenged with defaults and liquidity issues. The NBFC lending model is also under pressure due to stiff competition from Fintech players, increasing regulatory pressures, and ever-growing customer demands.

To thrive, these non-banks must adopt a customer-focused, data-driven, relationship-based approach to maximise recovery and minimise write-offs. Conneqt Corp with its breadth of services and industry knowledge in NBFC domain enables us to understand the unique business needs of each client to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to clients.

In this webinar, we delved deep into the following areas:

  • NPA Management
  • Reduce Flow to higher buckets
  • Reduction of Delinquency
  • Asset class improvement
  • End to End Collections Model Across all buckets –
  • Contact Centre+ FOS
  • Improved Collection Efficiencies
  • Skip Tracing
  • Digital Solutions for Collections




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