DiB Assist – CX Labs: The Consulting Labs of DiB Program

DiB Program is enabled by Industry leading cutting edge technologies in a Consulting Based Program that can help customers to transform their businesses towards Market Relevance, Organizational Effectiveness, Process Efficiency, and Business Growth. It’s enabled by various technology options that help customers choose from bouquet of options based on their Business Objectives.

Digital in a Box Program offers multi-platform integrated under a single federation layer offering customers a Federated SaaS Platform Define and Manage Catalogue SKUs, Control Solution Visibility, Access, and Availability by creating various service bundles and deploy and fulfil them based on various business contexts either on Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud or a Hybrid option.




A global leader in Health and Fitness space based out of California, honor’s Conneqt with the prestigious “Annual Partner Excellence Award”

Annual Partner Excellence Award
, Beachbody @ California

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