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By the year 2028, the international tourist arrivals in India are expected to reach over 30.5 million. With the robust demand for travel and leisure services, the industry players must keep up with the rising expectations from today’s savvier and connected travellers.

Amidst the challenges of economic uncertainty, eroding brand equity, talent management, stricter regulations, disruptive new competition and fickle customer loyalty, travel and hospitality companies are compelled to develop new business models to enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing costs.

Redefining the Travel & Hospitality Customer Experience
At Conneqt, we focus on “customer-centricity” to provide an interactive customer experience in the channel of their choice at each phase of the customer journey. Discover how Conneqt’s transformational end-to-end solutions can help you enhance efficiency, grow revenue and save costs while delivering exceptional customer experience, and gaining an edge over the competition.

Sector Offerings

  • Omni Channel Optimization
  • Multi-language support
  • Refunds/Claims
  • Social engagement
  • Journey mapping & Consulting
  • Voice of Customer(VOC) analytics
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Quality Control and Work Automation

Conneqt Advantage

Conneqt brings boundless expertise and exciting technology to offer customer-focused services and solutions. Our clients differentiate themselves before their customers and guests by harnessing the power of data to derive real-time actionable insights, driving process re-engineering, and customer engagement.

A broad suite of professional services

Conneqt offers a broad range of services and solutions designed to improve customer experience. Our industry-specific next-generation automation and technology tools amplify productivity, optimize costs, and help in standardizing disparate processes.

Domain expertise

Our huge talent pool of skilled professionals with experience in the travel and leisure domain enables us to meet and exceed the business goals of our clients. We offer deep industry expertise to help companies achieve process excellence and efficient operations.

Personalized customer experience

Conneqt’s unparalleled knowledge of the customer journey in the travel and leisure industry helps us implement the digital solutions with a richer and integrated user experience. We partner with organizations to optimize wallet share, drive loyalty, and create personalized customer experience.

Reinvent business to stay agile

We help you keep an edge over your competition, by the ability to respond quickly and appropriately. We enable travel companies to re-define their business models to stay competitively agile.

Industry Insights

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