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Traditional banking institutions are facing huge disruptions, while the digital growth is propelling changes in technology as well as customer mind-sets.

To thrive, they need to modernize the core platforms, adopt analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to deliver digital services.

Conneqt’s comprehensive range of BPM services across the entire spectrum of banking services and solutions take technology-agnostic approach to help banks in digital transformation.

Sector Offerings

The economic downturn has resulted in a number of challenges facing the retail banking industry including increased regulatory pressure, lower interest rates, and a shift toward digital. They need to rebuild their organizations around the customer, simplify, and structurally reduce cost. The key focus should on enhancing agility, providing innovative solutions and being adaptable in order to execute effectively.

Conneqt provides an end-to-end suite of technology, analytics and process solutions across the Retail Baking. Our solutions tailored to maximize results across key levels of the industry from strategy and customer service.

  • Marketing and Sales :Digital Marketing/Promotional Campaigns, Lead Generation, Campaign Analytics, Social Media Promotions, Sales, Cross sell/ Upsell, Balance Transfer, Customer Profile Validation, Customer profile creation data capture, Document fulfillment, Scanning & data capture
  • Customer Support :Account Management Support, Welcome kit issuance, Mobile Banking / Internet Banking Support, Technical Support (L1 / L2 / L3), Tele Assist / Web Help, Welcome Calls, Email / Chat Support, Offer Calling, Loyalty Programs, Satisfaction Survey / Happy Calling, Dispute Management, Settlements, EMI/Query Management
  • Account Maintenance :Application Indexing and Processing, Account set-up, activation, Transactions processing, Account maintenance and updates, Fixed / Term / Recurring Deposit Support, Bank / Cash Reconciliations, Processing and Settlement for Online Transfers (Cheque, SWIFT, ACH, ECS), Stop Payments, Cash management, Payment Processing , Account audit support, Data Analytics, Financial models, forecasts, updates, Report preparation, Billing Management services
  • Risk Management : Account Performance Analysis and Reporting, Transaction Monitoring, Credit Scoring and Reporting, Credit Portfolio Monitoring, Rule-based Credit Limit assessment, Book Performance, Analysis and Reporting, Delinquency Trend Analysis, Early Warning Indicators
    Fraud Detection, Fraud Investigation, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Market Research.

The credit card industry has evolved as the most significant non-cash payment channels over the years, and its ability to replace cash transactions as a medium of exchange is unparalleled. With rising competition, new regulations, and risks, the task of card issuers has become complex. They also need to take care of other aspects of business like loyalty incentives, regulatory compliance, fraud management, and adherence to risk management policies.

Conneqt’s services help credit card issuers to transform their business processes, reduce costs, and improve financial processes. We also help in improving the business intelligence and fraud management.

  • Customer Acquisition :Digital Marketing/Promotional Campaigns, Campaign Analytics, Social Media Promotions, Lead Generation, Phone Based Qualification, Digital Sales, Cross sell/ Upsell, Referrals Campaigns, Balance Transfer, Loyalty Program Enrolment
  • Customer Support :KYC, Welcome Calls, Email / Chat Support, Account Inquiries Support, Offer Calling, Loyalty Programs, Satisfaction, Survey / Happy Calling, Dispute Management Settlements
  • Card Management :Form Processing (Indexing &Data Entry), Credit Checks and Verification, Rules-based Approval / Decline, Credit Limit Assignment (Underwriting), Account activation, Customer Data Maintenance, Billing and Statement Processing, Payment Processing, Loyalty Program Management, Redemptions, Bank and Account Reconciliation, Fraud Management
    Charge Backs / Retrievals Processing, Hot listing, Account Closure, Write Offs
  • Merchant Support :Merchant Onboarding, Account Inquiries & Maintenance, Payment Processing and Adjustments, Chargeback / Retrievals Management, Account Reconciliation, Dispute Management, Settlements

Mortgage lending industry challenged with constant need to keep up with the new regulatory compliance, tighter budgets, high costs, and changing technologies. Conneqt has extensive experience in loan and mortgage operations, and uniquely positioned to help mortgage services with next-generation process management and business transformation. We help create sustainable business impact for our BFSI clients through our key enablers, which includes people, platform, processes and partners. We bring significant cost savings through process improvement and productivity enhancements.

  • Sourcing :Digital Marketing/Promotional Campaigns, Lead Generation, Campaign Analytics, Social Media Promotions, Cross sell/ Upsell, Balance Transfer
  • Origination :Loan Document Indexing and Verification, Missing Document Reporting, Identity Verification, Verification of Employment or Source of Income, Asset Verification, Title Examination, Credit Checks, Fraud Risk Assessment, Collateral Risk Assessment, QC and Fraud Audits, File Log in
  • Loan Processing and Underwriting :Asset Valuation, Financial Assessment, CAM preparation, Credit Underwriting, Collateral Risk Underwriting, Policy & Compliance Audits, Condition Clearing and Validation, Credit Approvals
  • Disbursements :Wire / DD Generation, Release order preparation, Authorization, Payment Processing, Draw Closing Documents, Account Creation, Post-closing Audit
  • Servicing :Welcome Call, Loan Inquiry Customer Support, Prepayment Support, Foreclosure Support, Statement Generation and Reporting, Escrow and Tax, Billing, Adjustments, Statutory Reporting & Accounting, Change request, Policy servicing, Reminder & collection communication

Conneqt Advantage

Domain Expertise

Our experienced banking professionals work across a spectrum of banking segments. We have deep analytical experience in the area of Loan Modification- Fraud Detection. We implement predictive analytical models to offer delinquency models, propensity of mortgages becoming delinquent and mitigation forecasting. We deploy automation solutions where necessary.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven record of accomplishment of integrating core-banking systems with other enterprise systems such as CRM and Integration Solutions.

Transformational Solutions

We introduce process reengineering and process rationalization to reduce costs. We deploy flexible platforms with the ability to interact with a host of applications.

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