5 Reasons: Why Outsourcing Digital Strategy Implementation is Smarter Move!

When the going gets tough, the smart ones get down and get their hands dirty. The smarter ones simply hire the best hands in the business to work for them! In a business world where conserving resources and channelizing them into the right nooks of the business structure is not only essential but crucial, outsourcing digital strategy implementation is equal to investing little and procuring more!

Consider this – 52% marketers have gained a customer simply by accessing the rewards of Facebook. After all, most companies believe in outsourcing their digital marketing tasks. E.g. A Mashable infographic says 62% companies outsource their content marketing. Two scenarios could lead into asking yourself the question – is it finally time to get some outside help?

Scenario 1: You wish to take off or ramp up

If your business is just taking off or you foresee a sudden spurt in growth, you may be thinking of paying more attention to your digital marketing strategies. Yet, you may be wary of hiring fulltime staff or devoting a sizeable chunk of available business resources towards an in-house digital marketing team. A start-up or a fast-growing company may not find the time or resources to develop and sustain a dedicated in-house team.

Scenario 2: Your in-house team isn’t able to handle it anymore

Now this one is when you have an in-house team in place that just doesn’t seem to be handling the load. Chances are they may be doing well too, but is ‘doing well’ really enough in today’s cutthroat business environment? Alternatively, there may be a growth pattern indicating increased digital marketing activities in the immediate future, and you just don’t see why or how your organization should invest further resources into the existing in-house team. Both these scenarios are ripe for outsourcing your digital strategy implementation, and getting some professional hands to help you with the mix.

Why outsourcing digital strategy implementation is a smart move

Here are 5 reasons for outsourcing digital strategy implementation, each of them convincing enough to get an outside partner into the digital marketing mix right away!

An efficient link between your current state and a desired state

So your game plan is in place and you are looking for that one link that will help you achieve your goal, without straining existing resources. The missing link to help you steer maximum benefits with minimal investments is outsourcing the execution of your digital strategy. The returns are great, and you aren’t risking too much either. For example, a simple mobile marketing shift for Harold’s Chicken Shack outlets in Chicago resulted in an 11% increase in sales.

Ready access to innovative implementation

Digital marketing is only one component of your strategy, whereas for a digital marketing agency, it is the only component. So of course, they are better at the game. Staying ahead and implementing the latest innovations is a criterion their survival depends upon, so you know you have access to the best.

The flexibility of switching partners

How often can you revamp your existing business structure? Rarely, is our guess. An outside element however can be replaced more easily. So if you’re not happy with the partner on board, simply say goodbye and hire one that’s in line with your objectives.

Zero load on your existing business structure

If your existing business structure is reeling under loads already, taking on more is an unnecessary risk. Outsourcing will help your existing business structure release some steam. It will in fact help you realize how easy it would be to offload some other core components too.

More time + free resources = More hands for growth

Your in-house teams should have their eyes on the goal, not on peripheral components of the business structure. Outsourcing your digital strategy implementation will give your business the opportunity to work on core tasks – ones your people were actually hired to work on in the first place. Last year, 55% of marketers around the world increased their spending on digital marketing. If you are one of them, shouldn’t you make sure your investment is driving the right resources?

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we have access to the best resources in technology, creativity and digital strategy implementation, making us natural associates in your vision for the future.

Do you think outsourcing your digital strategy implementation is a smart move? Or do you have concerns? Share them below.

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