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Our Value Proposition

Growing Revenues

Organizations across the globe are shifting to digital technology to produce better business outcomes. Conneqt provides a reliable platform for customers to grow revenues by increasing the customer base by deploying digital solutions at scale.

Enabling Efficiencies

Through our best-in class services, we lead customers on their digital transformation journeys, multiply their capabilities, and empower them with our innovative methodology to drive process efficiencies.

Enhance Experience

Conneqt employs the efficient skilled team and newest technologies to provide excellent customer journeys that deliver best of both words i.e. exceptional customer experience as well as enhanced business growth.

Unlocking Business Value

We leverage original and robust TBEM (Tata Business Excellence Model), process reengineering, automation, ongoing productivity improvements and next-generation technology platforms.

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Industries We Serve

Success Stories

Transforming Customer Experience Through Phygital

How Conneqt partnered with the fastest growing e-commerce website in India to deliver exceptional customer experience and set an industry benchmark in achieving the lowest average response time of 4.14 minutes

Driving Efficiencies through Automating BSP Refund

How Conneqt enabled a leading US company in the health and fitness segment to deliver 33% efficiency gain through RPA BOT Solution for BSP refund processing?

Streamlining an auto manufacturer's Accounts Payable through Automation

How Conneqt implemented Robotic process Automation to improve accuracy, speed, and compliance of a Global Auto-manufacturing leader’s Account Payable Process?

Our expertise is your gain

Conneqt Business Solutions is a top 2 CLM and BPM player in India’s domestic market delivering unparalleled customer experience, in line with its motto – Let’s Simplify. Nelson Hall had ranked Conneqt amongst the top Customer Lifecycle Management and Business Process Management service providers in India and the Middle East. Our employees strive to help our customers deliver world class service quality, enabled by leading digital capabilities and productivity. The company’s value proposition includes growing revenues, enabling process efficiencies and enhancing experience. Conneqt’s Digital service capabilities handhold customers in their digital transformation journey


Compound Annual Growth Rate Since Year 2004

Top 3

Industry Analysts covering CBSL (Gartner, Nelson, Hail, D&B)

30,000 +

Employees across all geographic locations


Customers Served In India, Asia, North America & UK


Clients have rated ConneQt as the top 5 BPM & CLM Organization


Clients for more than 10 years & 20 clients more than 14 years


Languages both Indian & Global

500 Mn+

Customer connects every year


Compliance Certificates