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Conneqt Business Solutions offers digital transformation solutions, enabling clients to connect with customers successfully across new and emerging channels.


Digital transformation services

While the digital era dawned around the turn of the 21st century, it was only over the last 3-4 years that the digital movement acquired enough scale and pace to necessitate more concerted 'digital thinking' on the part of organizations.

Today, having a strong digital presence is imperative, as customers are fast shifting their search-to-purchase-to-service decision-making process from offline to online. Also, due to the pervasive presence of social media, consumers now have a voice, and are using it to voice their opinion on products and services that they experience. Businesses need to embrace this shift, and evaluate how they can build their brand successfully in the age of the digitally-empowered consumer.

What is called for is a digital transformation.

Conneqt Business Solutions works with customers across verticals to offer highly customized digital transformation solutions. We seamlessly add digital transformation solutions to the existing traditional modes of customer engagement and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of customer experience.


Our services in the sphere of digital transformation include:

  • Digital marketing on-boarding services (strategy, website setup, app development, response management)
  • Online optimization services (SEO, SEM, ASO, PR, Analytics)
  • Lead generation campaigns, implementing email marketing & affiliate marketing strategies
  • Building online assets, creating e-commerce portal through web and mobile development services
  • Content services (contests, campaigns, blogs, videos, mobile apps, SM apps)

We enable our clients across telecom, retail, ecommerce & manufacturing to on-board their presence on digital and social media, provide online reputation management offerings, listen to their customers voice on social media, engage real-time with customers and optimize their digital assets to drive efficiency through cross-platform integration, and provide robust analytics & content optimization services. We help our customers define the ROI of digital marketing even before they pilot their digital marketing campaign, based on our 5W research framework and implement it using our simple 3-step solution. The 5W framework addresses the following areas:

  • Where does your brand stand right now in the digital sphere?
  • What is working and isn't for your brand?
  • Who is the potential customer amongst the crowd and what is their behaviour?
  • Which is the engaging content & right content mix?
  • When is the right time and form to disseminate your message?

Importantly, all our solutions are benchmarked against best-in-class campaigns, companies & competitors, and, are focussed on helping our clients build a robust, scalable and sustainable digital marketing strategy for the long term.

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