AI Enabled Speech Analytics Based Automated QA

Quality Assurance (QA) is a mission-critical and labor intensive function in any organization. Enterprises and contact centers typically employ dedicated QA specialists to listen to each recorded call, or random sample of those calls.

The QA’s manually search for key words and phrases that pin-point specific actionable intelligence that can be used to manage the critical challenges. However, manual analysis and evaluation of 100% of customer interactions may not be possible.

So, automated analytics-based software solution comes to the rescue that enables:

  • Automation of speech analytics to detect only the recordings that require review
  • User defined rule-based searches

Conneqt’s speech analytics solution, SpeechAssist is a comprehensive, automated, analytics-based solution that lets you understand your customer interactions.

The words, phrases, screen data, conversations, and other information from the customer interactions can be extracted and organized to:

  • Score and evaluate agents
  • Assure compliance, detect possible liabilities & enhance productivity
  • Design effective & focused training programs
  • Identify sales & marketing opportunities
  • Drive business intelligence

SpeechAssist’s Features

  • Filters huge volume of recorded calls automatically as per the user-defined search subjects
  • Automatically categorizes and narrows down the recorded calls to only those that require in-depth analysis by QA specialists
  • Auto scores the QA templates based on speech analytics and search results
  • Creates unlimited user-defined evaluation/analysis templates and scoring cards
  • Reusable templates can include numerous user-defined questions and a fully customizable point system assigned to each question
  • Enables locating target calls, conduct evaluations, score agent performance, and derive actionable insights.

Realizing the Benefits of SpeechAssist

  • Enables enterprises to monitor, transcribe, categorize, tag, and score 100% of their call conversations
  • Enhances the QA staff efficiency as they can spend their valuable time in listening to calls that have identified bad behaviors instead of listening to random calls
  • Allows supervisors to monitor audio and agent’s screen activity to provide targeted feedback and coaching
  • Optimizes operational costs and personnel costs as fewer QA staff is needed.
  • Provides accessible scores for each individual call, transaction and agent.
  • Generates detailed reports and dashboards from call analysis to deliver actionable intelligence.

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