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We provide end-to-end solutions to convert every mention about your brand into a positive sentiment.


Online Reputation Management

With increasing Internet penetration and growing influence of social media & people- driven platforms on the internet, Enterprise Reputation Management has become synonymous with Online Reputation Management. Research shows that 92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Customers analyze what is being said about your brand across various digital & social channels, which makes ORM a prerequisite for every industry.

Using ORM, enterprises can control what information appears on the web, impacting your brand’s perception before the audience. While 58% executives from Fortune 500 executives believe in reputation management, only 15% actually do anything about it.

Taking control of your online reputation maximizes your shareholder value and helps you manage the impact of your past customer experiences, on the decision-making of your future customers.


Our Approach

At Conneqt, we recognize the need for a well-rounded Online Reputation Management strategy with an Omni-Channel approach. We help enterprises across different industries manage their reputation, using a simplified approach that involves:

1. People

In today`s age of disruption, having a people-oriented approach at the core of any ORM strategy is crucial for creating a standalone branding in the virtual world. Our professionals are trained to simplify communication using a solution-oriented process to respond to queries in real-time. They tread the extra mile to gain the end-customer`s appreciation so as to help increase your brand value.

2. Process

We understand the importance of measuring, monitoring, tracking and creating constructive conversations about your brand, which is why we set up a team of dedicated people with a robust platform and train them to:

  • Monitor conversations beyond branded social pages and extend to leading blogs, news, other social networks, complaint websites and product review sites globally
  • Respond to queries, requests or negative comments, in the least possible time
  • Working closely with brand managers & support staff for converting negative comments to positive conversations to enhance brand value, and win trust of customers
  • Apprise & report the brand of critical queries and sales opportunities, which require immediate attention
  • Close conversations on a happy note, by appropriate classification, prompt & effective responses

3. Platform

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we understand the importance of having the right platform for monitoring & analyzing conversations across the entire digital ecosystem. We use highly customizable, scalable and result-oriented social media engagement and monitoring tools, and follow an Omni-Channel approach to interact with end-customers on platforms of their choice.


Our Online Reputation Management Solutions

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we offer custom ORM solutions to our clients, as per their business needs. Our online reputation management solutions include:


Monitor Conversations

24*7, Real-time Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis for identifying:

  • Buzz around your brand along with negative or positive sentiment
  • Trend of buzz around your brand and when it increases or decreases
  • Sources of mentions
  • People important to your business
  • Trending words & relevant keywords
  • Top sites where your brand is mentioned most
  • Targeting the right group with localized language support

Workflow Management

  • Multi-team/ Multi-users for managing multiple brands exclusively without mixing up
  • Providing notifications when you`re off workstation
  • Assigning work to users for setting priorities
  • Creating reports for Login, Assignment, Activity, Priority, Sentiment & Tagging
  • Authorizing users based on their role

Foster Engagement

  • Using Multiple channels for posting on various social channels all at once
  • A robust platform in place
  • Provision for scalability
  • Scheduling posts for publishing at a future date/time
  • Engaging audiences in quizzes or questionnaires by using social media apps
  • Following and tracing relevant audiences with access to their user profiles

Data Management

  • Tagging to organize mentions and work on them
  • Exporting information in desirable format, for future reference
  • Integrating data with system
  • Releasing unwanted data and making space for new profiles

Analytics & Reporting

  • Social Channels that work best for your brand
  • Customer Demographics & preferences
  • Competitor analysis
  • Best time for engagement with customers
  • Comprehensive reports for Facebook Insights, Twitter insights and insights for other relevant social channels

Support & Services

  • End-to-end social media management
  • In-depth brand audits
  • Supporting any other forms of growing your business
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