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Robotic Process Automation


In this digital era, organizations need business agility and better customer engagement to differentiate their services. Conneqt’s Robotic Process Automation offerings enable organizations to build deeper customer relationships by streamlining customer engagement across channels. It empowers business agility by automating processes at a large scale with Robotic Process Automation platforms.

Through our RPA offerings, we enable operational efficiency, agility and rapid transformation for businesses to scale across verticals. Our dedicated team of experienced architects, leads and certified consultants in leading RPA platforms ensures that we are delivering on-time quality solutions backed by industry standards, methodologies and best practices.


       Define mission, vision, goals and objectives

       Conduct proof of concept with partners

       Begin organization design (e.g. Lab /CoE)


       Create awareness, educate and promote  RPA capabilities within the organization

       Develop a target operating model

       Train resources

       Define technical requirements

       Build technical infrastructure


       Develop governance model: policies, procedures,  SDLC, feasibility and ROI analysis

       Execute process identification,  evaluation, prioritization and feasibility review to choose processes

       Execute pilots and measure results


       Design, build, test and implement bots

       Monitor bots’ productivity, analysis and exceptions

       Ongoing governance and change management

       Determine required changes in training, processes,  tools, templates & methodologies


       Maintenance & updating of bots as necessary

Partnership with UiPath

Our goal is to add committed partners, who recognize the explosive growth and value of the RPA market and want to work with a solution provider like UiPath to drive new levels of automation in the market.


Partner support with UiPath in both sales and support efforts and access to technology & certification programs of our professional workforce will leverage their deep domain expertise across industries to bring intelligent automation in the emerging technology landscapes and positively impact their customer experience transformation. This partnership engagement leverage the power of cutting-edge technology, accelerate and simplify the integration of solutions, address different vertical use cases with speed and accuracy.


This collaboration will enable UiPath to expand its reach into the verticals of Conneqt’s focus and Global In-house Centers (GICs). We help clients access industry-leading enterprise automation platforms for enhanced CX/EX transformation, process excellence and operational efficiency through seamless automation. This collaboration will help our customers rapidly achieve enterprise integration and automation at low costs.

Why Conneqt?

We are a global digital IT services company and specialize in delivering complex technology solutions across domains.

Deep domain understanding of various verticals

The team has extensive experience with professionals in system automation for more than a decade​

Strong proven history of delivery excellence and trusted partner for our clients