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Cloud Data Management Services


Our cloud data management services offer partial or complete management of a client’s cloud resources or infrastructure for the public as well as hybrid IT management responsibilities which include monitoring, configuration management, optimization, security, ITSM operations, and maintenance. These services are designed to enable organizations to maximize benefits from cloud services while minimizing internal time and costs. 

Our consulting and problem-solving approach involves an evaluation of the clients’ current IT estate. Based on the findings we design a tailored solution and support plan that meets their business goals. We keep optimizing as we onboard them into our solution stack and provide them with modern IT support. 

Business Challenges

Decreased Productivity – Downtime and waiting for issues to be fixed as they consume unnecessary time and money

Security Risks – Yesterday’s security measures are grossly inadequate for today’s scenarios

Competitive Disadvantages – With the growing technology changes, it is difficult to understand what will keep one ahead of the competition

Poor Communication – Most emails and calls are rarely returned or get missed at critical moments and organizations often wait weeks for issues to get fixed

Maintaining the Status Quo – IT support from other MSPs are mostly reactive & not proactive, making only quick fixes without a plan for making Cloud technology work for you

Unique challenges are not met – Your business just becomes a number in a large pool of clients, processed by people who are unaware of your business and no primary engineer is assigned to understand your organization 


Value Proposition

  • Cost Savings – Predictable, recurring monthly costs
  • Future-proofed technology
  • Custom and integrated service
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Centralized network services and applications
  • Coverage on all service levels
  • Disaster recovery
  • Fast response times
  • Vendor interfacing
Why Conneqt?

We help architect, build, and manage elaborate solutions that simplify your processes and workflows, and help cut costs drastically.

We also help automate processes over single, multiple and hybrid cloud deployments and make the transition to cloud a reality.

Our customized solutions offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities through an integrated approach.

We bring innovation, unparalleled commitment and results.

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