Next-Generation Speech Analytics


In the last two decades, the business world has undergone a radical change, thanks to the customers who dictate the terms in more ways than imagined. Enterprises want to serve their customers in the best possible manner and are searching for robust technological solutions to power their primary customer contact channel – contact/call center.
Sometimes is does become a challenge to many contact centres in listening to the voice of the customer. Many techniques are used to assess holding time, disconnection and reaction rates, but fail to evaluate the reason behind the occurrence. Here, Speech Analytics play an important role.

Speech analytics will analyse unstructured data and bring out relevant information for real time decision making and boost customer satisfaction. Speech analytics provides you an insight into what customers think about your brand, services or products, and the overall experience you provide. With the access to this vital information, your business can take proactive measures to make necessary changes as well as improvements. And once you do, you will be on your path to business longevity.

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