Digital & Technology Solutions

  • We help accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise with industry leading strategy, business and technology consulting services.
  • Our world-class talent and breadth of expertise confidently guides you from strategy to implementation.
  • Our on-premise and cloud enabled CRM solutions empower businesses to offer:
    • Exceptional customer experience
    • Drive customer loyalty
    • Revenue growth.

Our Comprehensive Customer Experience in a Box Solution helps drive customer satisfaction and agent productivity by offering Omni-channel support & Right mix of in-house/outsourced/WFH agents

  • Superior Solution – An optimal blended-agent industry-leading technology solution
  • Technology Flexibility – Easy to self-administer platform with the ability to make real-time changes in your environment

AI-enabled digital marketing helps bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get. We drive the best customer experience for the leading brands while fuelling growth by reaching out and engaging with the customers via digital channels.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that helps computers understand, interpret & manipulate human language.

  • AI-powered NLP, allows Chatbots/Voicebots to mimic human conversation.
  • They can identify the underlying intent behind the text and then respond appropriately.
  • Bots with NLP can self-learn from past conversations and get better at tasks at hand.
  • Rapid application development at Conneqt, helps companies to gear up for change via new skills, technologies and ways of working.
  • We swiftly prototype and deliver software to enable you to enter new markets and reach new customers.

Service Quality Automation offering enables companies to ensure service quality of voice interactions with customers through automated Speech Analytics. It’s a comprehensive, automated, analytics-based solution that lets you understand your customer interactions & draw insights from them.

  • Our social media experts develop and implement effective social media response management strategies using advanced monitoring and analysis tools to uncover opportunities or identify areas for improvement.
  • We enable seamless WhatsApp integration to help your brand cut through the comment clutter and make a significant business impact.
  • We enable your company to interest, convert, engage, and retain today’s socially active, digitally savvy customers.
  • Our comprehensive SMM services include:
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Social Media ORM solution
    • Social Media Command Center
    • Social Analytics

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) DPA solutions for the BFSI domain consists of RPA, Workflows, Data Science & Analytics enabling client to fuel their digital transformation.

It’s necessary to understand the complete customer journey to:

  • Streamline & Automate processes
  • Deliver Data Analytics & Insights

These enable financial institutions to make informed decisions – with speed and accuracy that results in profitable growth and low risk to offer customized service to the customers.

Our managed services model offers end-to-end BPM solutions across Loan Lifecycle to unlock highest operational potential and reduce costs.

We leverage technology, processes & expertise to augment processes & systems to drive results.

Our tailored solution for horizontal/vertical business processes can be delivered via web-delivery or cloud hosting to enable businesses in achieving their business objectives

Conneqt uses a blend of technology and domain expertise to optimize processes across the entire loan lifecycle or targets specific functions within operations such as:

  • Underwriting
  • Origination
  • Default
  • Loan servicing

Digital Process Automation (DPA) is the set of activities aimed at transforming a process from operating in a legacy way (manual task distribution, tracking & processing) into the digital process by leveraging digital workflow to drive end-to-end process execution.

  • Our Field Force Automation Technology, ‘Field Conneqt’ enables the online performance monitoring of our field team.
  • It ensures the right engineer arrives at the right place at the right time to enable a faster and more professional service to customers.

Robotic Process Automation CoE allows businesses to automate mundane tasks and make processes faster, more efficient, and have fewer errors. It is ideally meant to provide critical services through a high-performing operation model. RPA uses a combination of user interface interaction and descriptor technologies and DPA helps in automating the processes to improve customer experience.

  • We address your biggest challenges with the solutions that unlock the potential in all forms of data:
    • Structured
    • Unstructured
    • Internal
    • External
  • We help derive valuable insights leveraging the transformative power of cloud and cognitive technologies that empower you to uncover and capture growth.
  • Data Science & Analytics as a Service practice brings in latest leading business-consulting skills in data science techniques to build models and solutions. Organizations need to redefine their application of analytics. AI needs to be:
    • Engineered to scale
    • Rapid experimentation
    • Derive value to attract and retain customers.

MIS Automation and Reporting as a Service is for companies, which want to be a data-driven and agile in nature. Enterprises can leverage 100% relevant data to realize profound and long-lasting business values

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is re-thinking, restructuring & redesigning processes to reduce costs, improve quality, speed & service.
  • It helps identify gaps in your organization processes, seeks to enhance them by incorporating technology & automation to give your business an edge.

As companies continue on their growth trajectory, they rely on their existing processes to reduce costs, improve margins and offer the best possible experience for their customers & employees.

  • Optimize cost to serve
  • Aid leaders in decision making to identify revenue growth opportunities
  • Establish better process control for sustained, long-term & desired business results

The Digital CX Innovation and Incubation Lab at Conneqt is an advanced environment to incubate new ideas, learning and innovative solutions crafted by data scientists as well as solution experts leveraging emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. The CX innovation and innovation lab let’s digital experts explore new technologies, develop rapid prototypes and create a reference architecture for rapid deployment to help address customer pain points and deliver transformative industry outcomes.

Conneqt’s CFO Cockpit is an AI-enabled Digital Nervous System (DNS), CFO – decision improvement platform that address the last mile decision-making gaps that exist despite best people, processes, and systems.

Correlates micro-level performance indicators and variation with macro-level decision making and impact to deliver faster, better & result -oriented improvements & transformation

Recruitment process management services and solution increases recruiter efficiency to enable HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business. It automatically predicts the best suited candidates who are most likely to succeed in an organization through robotic automation & varied skill-based assessments.

Build, Operate and Transform is a model in Shared Services used for designing processes and operating Back Office/Middle Office services and F&A

Shared Services is a model for effective and efficient delivery of all non-core business activities to any business division/partner.

  • Lifting and shifting (Transitioning) of shared business processes from Offshore or near shore
  • Once transitioned, stabilizing to ensure consistency in performance
  • Once stabilized, optimizing and transforming by involving digital footprints

    F&A Shared Services help improve operational capacity, standardize processes, rationalise metrics and derive cost benefits to transform a FAO SSC into a Centre of Excellence through curated Process Improvement framework.

    • Conneqt’s customized tech enabled third party assurance services bring in more knowledge, accountability and savings to your claims process.
    • We keep you completely up-to-date with customized reports providing real-time access to your claim status.
    • Conneqt is amongst the leading Retiral Benefit System/Central Trust Fund System partner for companies in India.
    • We align your schemes in RBS/CTFS with our digital expertise to enable your company to simplify complex challenges to provide better social security to your employees.
    • Simplify your IT support management with Conneqt’s IT outsourcing and IT service management services that help improve availability, resolve issues quickly and reduce outages.
    • We offer proactive, reactive, offshore and remote support across the IT environment.
    • Conneqt delivers uncompromised quality through complete automation of the testing process.
    • We help organizations to reenergize their core while driving productivity, optimal value and efficiency.