Service Quality Automation

Automated Solution to Ensure Service Quality

Conneqt’s Service Quality Automation offering enables companies to ensure service quality of voice interactions with customers through automated Speech Analytics.

It’s a comprehensive, automated, analytics-based solution that lets you understand your customer interactions & draw insights from them.

Business Pain Points

  • Quality audits not able to cover 100% of the calls
  • Manual monitoring and analysis practices are:
    • Time intensive
    • Resource limited
    • Difficult to identify coach-worthy calls
    • Prohibits complete review and analysis of performance
    • Lacks the ability to benchmark performance and measure KPIs consistently
    • Inadequate and statistically invalid sample sets

Conneqt’s Solution Offering

  • Automated Call Scoring
  • Call Transcription
  • Keyword Spotting
  • Competition Analysis
  • Voice of Customer
  • Script Adherence
  • Agent Performance Insights
  • Cross-sell/Up-Sell Opportunities
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Real-time Speech Analytics
  • Time to Deploy:
    4 to 8 weeks

Conneqt Advantage

  • 100% Coverage Of Calls for QA
  • Automated Call Scoring
  • No Human Involvement In The Call Scoring
  • Configurable KPIs for Insights as per Business Scenario
  • Flexible Deployment Models
  • Significant Increase in Compliance Monitoring (usually sub 2% increases to 100%)
  • Reduction and/or Redeployment of QA Staff (Cost Benefits)
  • Triage of Issues to Hand on To QA Staff for Detailed Analysis (Productivity Benefits)
  • Reduction of Compliance Breach Risk
  • Agent Productivity Improvement Due to Better Coaching
  • Improved CSAT Due to Better & Complete Monitoring Of Calls

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