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Auto-insurance industry is experiencing multitude of challenges in a highly competitive market posed by demanding OEMs, Regulatory and statutory guidelines and ever changing customer requirements. To retain customers, significant investment in resources and infrastructure is needed. In such situation, efficiency can be gained by outsourcing these activities to a trusted service provider.

This is where Conneqt can help. We help insurance companies of every type and size meet their customer needs while reducing overheads and costs through a variety of TPA (third party administration) activities. From policy administration to endorsements and renewals and more, Conneqt delivers effective cutting-edge TPA solutions to save your time and money.

Engage Customers in a Compelling, Consistent Way
We help our clients create enduring relationships with customers, on the strength of consistent service at all stages of the relationship

Our Comprehensive Services for Auto TPA

With over 15 years of experience in serving the clients, we know today’s auto and liability needs top to bottom. What’s more, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to meet these complex challenges head-on. Our goal is more responsiveness, faster communication and improved outcomes that reduce costs for our clients.

Our wide range of services in the Auto TPA space are:

Conneqt’s policy administration systems give auto insurance companies a competitive advantage by improving productivity, reducing costs and accelerating the speed to market for new products.

We also have a dealer helpline and email support to answer dealer queries related to domain and software issues. We also cater to offline issues of policies, if necessary.

Our Policy Administration Services Include:

  • Proposal creation & submission to Insurance companies
  • Quotation generation via Insurance core systems
  • Document gathering and submission to Insurance companies
  • Policy schedule download from Insurance Companies

Endorsements are written documents attached to an insurance policy that modifies the policy by changing the coverage afforded under the policy. Conneqt with over 15 years of experience in serving the auto insurance clients, has the required expertise to handle any kind of insurance endorsement requests. Our team utilizes the proven best practices to achieve improved results.

Our key endorsement services are:

  • Premium and non-premium bearing endorsement identification
  • Endorsement quote generation
  • Arranging premium remittance to Insurance companies
  • Passing endorsement through Insurance core systems
  • Downloading of endorsement and revised policy schedule from Insurance Core systems

We manage each step involved in claims starting from claims receipt to capturing claim related information and providing details on documentation needed for claims process to updating the claim status.

We also provide online real-time communication to the customers, dealers and insurers via SMS and automated emailers.

Our claims services include:

  • First notice of loss
  • Claim status Updating

We provide complete, multi-level renewal management services with unwavering focus on delivering tangible outcomes to our clients. We provide unparalleled services day in and day out to create ROI for our clients through renewal activities.

Our agents call the customers well in advance to remind them to renew their policies and reverse feed the interested customer data to the dealers to enable them to cover the last mile. Along with this we also print and deliver renewal letters to the customers and share the data with the dealers.

Our Renewal Services include:

  • Renewal notice generation
  • Printing and sharing of renewal notice to customers
  • Renewal reminder SMS and email
  • Renewal reminder calling
  • Lead Generation
  • Renewal conversion

While customer retention strongly affects the bottom lines for auto insurance players, new customers are essential to drive growth and build an edge over competition. Conneqt helps clients control costs while attracting new customers through its end-to-end TPA customer acquisition services.

Our customer acquisition services include:

  • Sharing comparative quotations
  • Proposal acceptance
  • Facilitating premium remittance to Insurance companies
  • Downloading Policy schedule from Insurance companies

Our 64VB follow-up services enable prompt support to the Insurance companies. Our in-depth experience results in significant reduction in costs.

The follow-up services we can help you with are:

  • CMS banker activation
  • CMS cheque pickup monitoring
  • Follow-up with customer for remittance
  • Matching pickup entries with GL and follow-up for un-deposited cheques

Our array of self-inspection services and innovative solutions enhance the decision making for our clients and help in driving revenues.

Our Vehicle Self-Inspection Services include:

  • Sharing online link to customer
  • Guiding customers to take photographs or video
  • Guiding customers in uploading and completing inspection
  • Follow-up with Insurance Company for approval

Experience the Conneqt Advantage

Domain Knowledge

We have the right combination of domain knowledge, contact center, IT infrastructure and mail room management capabilities to support auto insurance clients achieve favourable business outcomes.

Industry Best Practices

Our industry best practices ensure your company’s reputation is safeguarded at all times and risk exposure is mitigated. We provide essential brand protection to auto-insurance companies by completely integrating with their risk department.

Customized TPA Service

Conneqt’s customized third party assurance services bring in more knowledge, accountability and savings to your Insurance process.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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