Field Fulfilment Services

The BFSI sector in India is witnessing positive developments that indicate substantial activity momentum. Also, with the advancements in technology, the BFSI players are laying greater emphasis on providing better customer services while enhancing their overall experience to gain a competitive edge.

Industry leaders however, need to grapple the toxic combination of stressed assets and weak capital positions.

  • According to a recent Standing Committee report, high volumes of non-performing assets (NPAs) in banks are eroding their capital base, and restricting their ability to lend.

Do you seek simplified solutions to rise infallible in the BFSI market?

If yes, Conneqt can be your partner with its proven services and simplified solutions that enhance business value!

Simplified Fulfilment Services to Enhance Business Value
Conneqt offers the most reliable, compliant, cost-optimized field fulfilment services with fastest turnaround to its clients across BFSI sector

Our Spectrum of Field Fulfilment Services

Conneqt’s collection services help clients across the banking and financial services sector reimagine the debt collection experience of the consumers, while ensuring compliance and successful recovery operations.

We can oil your business delivery engine and drive growth with our feet-on-street presence helping you ensure greater customer acquisition and retention. We are a premium centralized collections vendor having end-to-end collections capabilities equipped with digitally enabled field and integrated call center across the delinquency buckets with presence across the Nation.

We strategically transform clients’ collections operations by driving tangible improvements in customer-centricity, compliance, and profitability while retaining the brand value.

Our full-suite of Fulfilment services includes:

Our voice- based collection services combine our extensive industry experience, proprietary platforms and perfect outsourcing model to drive revenue and productivity.

Through highly trained resources, comprehensive strategies and innovative technology, we offer effective voice-based collections solutions to meet your company goals and transform your business.

Our Voice-based collection services include:

  • Awareness Calling
  • Reminder Calling
  • Collection Calling
  • Follow up Calling
  • Confirmation Calling
  • Customer Delight Calling
  • Call back for confirmation

Our success rate has made us a leader in the field collections services. Our deep geographical coverage across 600+ FOS locations in India, evolved governance model, fraud contentment unit ensures our performance matches up to your field collection requirements.

Our scalable and agile services include:

  • Physical address verification
  • KYC document verification
  • Document pick-ups
  • Fulfilment activity (field investigation & validation, credit verification & fulfilment, credit processing, etc.)

Being compliant with all statutory legislations, we help you arrest rising NPAs through recoveries using a good mix of field and voice based services. We take end-to-end ownership of your collections while ensuring seamless data transfer from field to contact center. Our unique variable and collection outcome-linked model of providing comprehensive outcome based solutions and our expertise across the collections value chain comprises of:

Soft Collections

  1. Reminder calling
  2. Follow up/confirmation calling
  3. Collections for early delinquencies
  4. Collecting new or updated phone numbers
  5. Early warning indication for defaulters

Dep Lapse Collections

  1. Collections calling for early delinquencies
  2. X bucket to 90 day/deep lapse calling
  3. Pu generation
  4. Collections for NPA’s/stressed assets involving negotiations & settlements
  5. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  6. 6.Write offs

Feet On Street

  1. Field pick up and collections
  2. Document/cheque/cash collections
  3. Online payment on field
  4. Collecting new or updated phone numbers
  5. Skip tracing

Our next-generation collections model is enabled by disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These innovative technologies are completely transforming collections operations, helping to improve performance at lower cost. Better customer-segmentation and more effective contact strategies are helping improve overall collections performance.

Our new age collections model includes:

BI & Analytics

  • Propensity modelling
  • Profiling based campaign management
  • Predictive behaviour analysis

Voice BOTs/ Interactive dialler

  • Productivity enhancement
  • Cost of collection control
  • Speed of portfolio coverage

Our Field Force Automation Technology, ‘Field Conneqt’ enables the online performance monitoring of our field team. It makes the process more efficient, ensuring the right engineer arrives at the right place at the right time to enable a faster and more professional service to customers. The tool reduces operational costs, increases productivity, increases opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell and enhances customer service.

The features of our Field Force automation solution are:

  • Real-time data push and pull
  • Centralized data control
  • Online payment on field
  • Automation with quality check
  • Gps tracking
  • Standardized disposition
  • Online data push
  • Real-time tracking & allocation

The skip tracing tool enables us to identify customers who are non-contactable or not available on the available address and contact numbers. This tool is a very impactful and strong and significantly improves the outcomes and productivity. The entire process of skip tracing is controlled and compliance driven.

Our services include:

  • Field Penetration for non-contactable accounts by our feet-on-street (FOS) team
  • Web based search with help of search engines, social media (web crawling)
  • Access to public database

Employing methods of social engineering, sifting through irrelevant information, privileged access to public databases

Experience the Conneqt Advantage

Conneqt has over 15+ years’ proven experience in serving major banking, financial services and insurance companies and offer that the solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our analytics-driven, client-centric, end-to-end services enable banks, financial services and insurance companies to outperform in the market.

Our Unique Feet-on Street (FOS) Capabilities

We provide end-to-end collection capabilities from calling to field. We have geographical presence across 600+ FOS locations PAN India. Moreover, our HHM/Android based app enables real-time online performance monitoring of the field agents.

Robust internal process, Control & Governance

We have robust internal processes and control mechanisms in place to meet the specific regulatory and compliance requirements of our clients. Our 3 P’s people, processes and platforms support BFSI players to manage diverse risks by adopting proactive measures for risk detection and mitigation.

Right Skills and Experience

We offer the right mix of resources and skills to meet the specific fulfilment service requirements of our clients. Our team leverages the state-of art technology and analytics to drive efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions.

BI & Analytics

We ensure analytics are embedded in client processes to offer them actionable insights in order to translated opportunities and trends into profitable growth, beyond efficiency gains.

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