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Industry Overview

  • Disruptive landscape; going digital is no longer a matter of choice
  • Data-driven, insightful, innovative decisions are crucial to drive favourable outcomes
  • Important to reinvent business from the core and align people, process and technology 

How we can help

Conneqt Business Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your digital transformation journey:

  • Implementation consulting organization, till
    benefit realization
  • New strategy for digital, fuelled by data-driven intelligence
  • Expertise in AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and other new-age technologies
  • Approach is agile and lean; the diverse ecosystem of partners 

How we are different

  • Our offerings accelerate your shift to digital, making the path clear and the process systematic
  • Our integrated digital services and solutions are tailored to your needs and can empower you to deliver game changing outcomes
  • Our vast portfolio of services, solutions and capabilities can help jumpstart your transformation journey 

Our Solutions

Data Science & Analytics (DSA)

DSA enables businesses to make decisions based on data and
forecast business outcomes using a decision-support system (DSS) and analytics:

  • MIS Automation and Reporting-as-a-Service
  • Data Science and Analytics-as-a-Service 

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

DPA is a set of activities aimed at transforming a process from operating in a legacy manner to digital processes by leveraging digital workflow, to drive end-to-end process execution:

  • RPA CoE-On-Demand
  • Digital BPaaS Loan Management
  • Digital BPaaS – BFSI DPA Solutions

Digital Excellence for Customer Experience (DCX)

DCX focuses on digital interfaces, including both front-end services and back-office process optimization that ultimately benefits customers:

  • Digital Recruitment Process Management
  • Digital Neural System (DNS), SSC Optimization & Transformation

Technology Services Group/Digital Customer Experience (TSG/DCE)

  • CX-in-a-Box
  • NLP-powered AI
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Service Quality Automation
  • Marketing-Ops-in-a-Box 

Digital Process Excellence (DPX)

DPX relies primarily on the implementation of a pre-defined digital transformation strategy. The systematic transformation process is aimed at achieving a sustainable increase in performance that aligns with the goals defined in the strategy:

  • Business Process Excellence
  • Business Process Consulting and Re-engineering
  • Process Excellence Automation

Conneqt Advantage

  • Generate new revenue streams & market activation
  • Explore new ways to work, leveraging insights & responsive operations
  • Reimagine how you engage with your customers, employees & partners 

how can we help you?

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