Digital Recruitment Process Management

Embrace Intelligent Recruitment With AI-Led Automation and SLA Driven Approach

Conneqt’s recruitment process management services and solution increases recruiter efficiency to enable HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business. It automatically predicts the best suited candidates who are most likely to succeed in an organization through robotic automation & varied skill-based assessments.

Business Pain Points

  • Complex Recruitment Process with Human Induced Delays & lack of automated
  • Dealing with large set of resumes & lot of time spent on Screening
  • Dependency on job portals (greater than 50% fake profiles)
  • Lack of seamless on-boarding
  • Lack of measure for candidate skill sets
  • Losing good talent to competition

Conneqt’s Solution Offerings

Our automation and SLA driven solution utilizes:

  • AI (artificial intelligence) to screen resumes based on keywords & ML (machine learning) to improve accuracy over a period of time & RPA (robotic process automation) to automate the process
  • Social Recruiting – Single click posting to social media
  • Approximately 30 different type of pre-defined reports
  • Varied pre-defined assessment tests
  • Any number of databases can be integrated
  • Automated & paperless on-boarding solution.
  • Dedicated FTE’s to manage business needs as per SLA’s

Conneqt Advantage

  • Scalability: Our platform can scale up to any level in sync with hiring needs
  • Flexibility: It can quickly adapt to ever-evolving business & market landscape
  • Ease of integration with other platforms
  • Gamut of innovations through built-in bots & RPA
  • Data Driven platform has strong transparent analytics & reporting program
  • Our Project Management Approach involves – Listening, Analysing, Designing, Planning, Executing, Transition and Support
  • 75% reduction in time to screen resumes
  • Appropriate CV’s sourced in less than 30 mins
  • 100% reduction in fake resumes, thereby, enhancing quality to source the right talent
  • 85% reduction in manual intervention by introduction of robotics
  • 40% reduction in time to hire
  • 60% reduction in manual communication efforts
  • 98% seamless on-boarding paperless process
  • Platform Based Model
  • On Demand Model
  • Pricing Based Model
  • Full RPO Outsourced Model

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Annual Partner Excellence Award
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