Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Accelerate Business Outcome with Digital Process Automation

Conneqt’s DPA Solutions include RPA, Business Process Management, Process Mining, Data Extraction with Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning to Automate and Drive Operational Efficiencies

Industry Overview

Digital Process Automation (DPA) is the set of activities aimed at transforming a process from operating in a legacy way (manual task distribution, tracking & processing) into the digital process by leveraging digital workflow to drive end-to-end process execution.

It covers key industry automation solutions like RPA, BPM, AI & Decision Support System & Analytics in an integrated platform

Business Pain Points

  • Meet rising customer expectations for speed & agility
  • Automating business processes including legacy systems to drive digital transformation
  • Standardization to provide consistent Compliance & Quality
  • Derive valuable insights into customers preferences & behaviours
  • Reduce costs & drive revenues

Conneqt’s Solution Offering

  • Process Automation using RPA
  • Tool agnostic RPA / DPA Implementation
  • Business Lifecycle Automation leveraging multiple DPA components
  • RPA/DPA CoE to drive Best Practices for Implementation & Operations
  • Support & Maintenance for RPA & Data Extraction
  • Digital Operations Management leveraging Conneqt’s CLM & DPA capabilities

Conneqt’s Value Proposition

  • Key components of DPA – RPA, BPM, Data Extraction/Ingestion with ML & Decision Analytics
  • Automation Suite uses AI & ML algorithms to sense, predict, analyze & solve issues
  • Conneqt methodology, standard best practices, and experience to deploy or manage operations along with DPA
  • Manage complete operations along with automation leveraging DPA components

Conneqt Advantage

  • ~30% improvement in productivity by automating loan processing
  • ~28% improvement in time to complete 3-way bank reconciliation
  • ~40% reduction in Data Processing via automated data processing
  • Improvement in auto-response, work distribution & allocation for form processing via RPA
  • RPA: UiPath, Automation Anywhere & Emerging RPA
  • BPM: Microsoft Flow & Pega
  • Data Extraction: Abbyy, Tessaract, Google Vision, & Microsoft Cognitive Service
  • Analytics: Power BI, Tableau

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