Digital BPaaS – Loan Management

Transforming Loan Management with Next-Gen Digital BPaaS Solutions

How Conneqt’s BPaaS solutions help Lenders maximize agility and responsiveness leveraging our unique managed services model and ecosystem of cloud-based solutions

Industry Overview

  • Lenders today are more open to technology adoption and process simplification for loan origination process.
  • Improving service, reducing costs, and simplifying business processes in a requirement for lenders to stay competitive.
  • Cloud-based BPaas Solutions provide lenders with a significant opportunity to embrace an “as-a-service” approach to lending that comprises of business processes, compliance objectives, next-gen technology platform and service provider ecosystem without significant costs or excessive implementation times.
  • By transitioning to BPaaS lending platforms, lenders reduce the time to implement technology, improve scalability and enhance customer experience.

Business Pain Points

  • Increasing business complexity & loan manufacturing costs
  • Growing demand for simplified self-service experience
  • More Time & effort involved in establishing infrastructure & stabilizing operations
  • Consolidate redundancies & upgrade infrastructure
  • Constant technology upgrades
  • Hiring & retaining skilled professionals is often expensive

Conneqt’s Solution Offering

  • End-to-end BPM solutions across Loan Lifecycle or target specific functions within operations via managed services model
  • Fully customizable Solution
  • Simplify business processes with RPA & Data Extraction
  • Leverage analytics and help build customized workflows
  • Time to Deploy <>= 2 months

Conneqt’s Value Proposition

  • Outcome-based BPaaS model helps you move from CAPEX to OPEX seamlessly
  • 24*7 availability, self-service capabilities & prompt exception management
  • Flexibility to rapidly scale-up/scale-down operations
  • Automation results in operational & FTE cost reduction
  • Gain competitive edge with rapid end-to-end BPM solution implementation

Conneqt Advantage

  • Deliver Fully customizable Solution
  • Simplify business processes with RPA & Data Extraction (ML, OCR, etc.)
  • Leverage analytics and help build customised workflows to meet the end user requirements
  • Automation improves cycle time, enhances accuracy & drives down costs
  • Intelligent & immersive customer experience
  • Lenders can focus on critical goals with BPaaS Solutions for non-core functions
  • Results in improved regulatory compliance & drive lender differentiation
  • 30% Productivity improvement on Loan Processing by automating process leveraging RPA, Data Extraction & Workflow

Technology RPA (UiPath, AA), Workflow, Analytics & Custom Development (Microsoft Platforms)

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