Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) Services

We live in age of empowerment, an age of freedom…to choose what we want, with far fewer entry and exit barriers than ever before. It is also an age of far greater disposable income than ever before. From smart phones to furniture, credit cards to holiday packages, people want only the best…and they’re willing to loosen their purse-strings for what they covet.

What does this mean for companies? How does it redefine how marketers approach customer relationship management?

Clearly, the need of the hour is top-of-the-line customer lifecycle management that focuses on enriching the customer’s engagement with the brand – from product/service evaluation to renewal/upgrade.

Companies that offer a consistent, rewarding experience to customers across touch points stand a far greater chance of retaining them – and also of generating better word-of-mouth publicity, an aspect that can help reduce marketing spends significantly.

Since 2004, Conneqt Business Solutions has specialized in enriching its clients’ conversations with end-customers. As a focused CLM service provider, we have created an organization in tune with customer lifecycles across industries – a factor that helps us, at Conneqt, to bring agility and insight to engagements.

Engage Customers in a Compelling, Consistent Way
We help our clients create enduring relationships with customers, on the strength of consistent service at all stages of the relationship

Conneqt’s Vertical-agnostic Customer Lifecycle Management Services

As India’s premier CLM service provider, Conneqt, delivers the right combination of world-class technologies, intelligent analytics, proven lean processes focused on helping the organization manage risks, optimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

We redesign the processes to deliver an end-to-end strategy which covers the complete customer lifecycle. We offer vertical-agnostic customer acquisition, on boarding, customer support, and customer retention services. In addition, our Consulting and Audit services and Market Research & Analytics Services focus on the desired outcomes and tailored to the client needs.

Our CLM Services include: 

In this stage of CLM, we enable clients to acquire customers, generate leads, follow up on those leads, run various campaigns to generate leads, and finally convert those leads into business orders for them. Organizations across industries are observing significant revenue leakage, if they do not streamline the first phase of customer lifecycle management scientifically. So, our specialized services make the entire cycle of customer acquisition more rapid, productive and cost optimized.

Our Customer Target and Acquisition Services include:

  • Multi-channel digital marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales operations
  • Marketing operations

In this stage, we help nurture the customer relationships with our experienced and professional onboarding support services. We help in handling various onboarding initiatives that includes welcome calling to build a series of meaningful interactions with the customers to cultivate long-lasting and valuable relationships.

Our Onboarding Services are:

  • Order management
  • Activation
  • Welcome calling
  • Field fulfillment services

In this stage of CLM, the actual day-to-day services of customer management and customer support come in. This brings in agility to businesses by reducing the time taken to serve a customer, thereby driving positive customer experience and creating more opportunities for revenue growth. We also try to upsell and cross sell to the customers to grow revenues.

Our Services in Serve stage include:

  • Omni-channel customer support
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Tech support
  • Audits
  • Billing management
  • Field fulfillment services

This stage of CLM is the customer loyalty management or customer retention. This is where customer experience comes in. Technology enablement of customer service processes, by being more aware of customer needs and customizations gear up the businesses to be more agile.

Our Growth and Retention Services are:

  • Collections
  • Loyalty and VOC
  • Customer survey
  • Consulting and research
  • Customer insights

We follow a consultative approach and an outside-in audit methodology that helps arrest leakages, results in process improvement and recommendation, reduces repeat and enhances Customer experience.

Our DMAIC model for audit services has the following stages –

  • Define: The quality targets are identified
  • Measure: Auditing of process or function
  • Analyse: RCA (root cause analysis), identification of process gaps and report findings
  • Improve: Implementation of corrective actions Control: Monitor and track progress

We, at Conneqt Business Solutions, have the domain expertise and the capabilities to deliver end-to-end services and solutions for Market Research & Analytics.

Our Market Research Capabilities are:

  • Market research
  • Business research

Our Analytics Capabilities include:

  • Data management
  • Business intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Bi-analytics consultancy

Experience the Conneqt Advantage

We have experience in providing round the clock contact centre services to 130+ industry stalwarts in both India and abroad. Our end-to-end CLM services and solutions are created from the ground up to completely transform and run operations. Our talented resource pool is adept in handling end-to-end customer lifecycle functions from pre-sales verification to post-sales customer service. Our services are backed by best-in-class infrastructure and enabled by newest digital technologies.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our delivery and solutions are aligned to the customer requirements. We invest in all key leads like relationship managers, quality managers, delivery personnel, analytics and technology experts to make this engagement successful.

Relevant Experience

Conneqt has an enviable track record for client relationships and partnerships stretching over 15 years in implementing various inbound, outbound, email, chat, SMS & back office programs successfully. Our Employees have strong domain expertise with successful experience in rapid and large-scale implementations. We combine people, process and technology to build and deliver successful and cost-effective solutions for all our clients including some of the world’s prestigious & largest companies.


CBSL has a centralized transition team and a “to based” transition framework, which ensures seamless go live. Based on COPC framework, transition methodology used is best in class in the industry and detailed transition methodology is provided in the document.

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