Central Trust Fund System

Conneqt is the leading Retiral Benefit System/Central Trust Fund System provider for world’s leading organizations. We align your schemes in RBS/CTFS with our expertise to enable your company to simplify complex challenges to provide better social security to your employees.

We offer Complete Data Migration of all the Employee Pension Database for the last 10 years which includes – Contribution Details, UAN Numbers, PF/Pension Numbers, Collection of Aadhaar, Yearly Preparation and Submission Details of PF.

We also attend to legal proceedings like 7A/14B, legal issues, etc., coverage of International workers and advisory for exempted Trust working. We specialise in data submission to PF office in the desired format as per RPFC, Liasioning with PF office/auditors as and when required by the client, Master ID details, System configuration as per client Trust.

The Data is maintained in a robust system with the database maintained in Oracle with certification, disaster recovery, etc. The reason for initiating contact is that there are a host of areas where CBSL can be a value-added partner to your organization.

Scope Of Services

We do have expertise in a wide range of services like:

  • Employee master data update
  • PF/EPS and UAN number allotment
  • KYC-ECR File Preparation
  • Yearly return preparation and submission
  • Claims checking and submission to PF office
  • Follow up with PF office regarding claims status
  • Preparation of claim MIS as per RPFC requirements
  • Coordinating statutory inspections/ notices on issues raised by RPFC
  • Data submission to PF office in desire format (csv,dbf, etc.)
  • Configuration of Superannuation Trust and complete migration of Data
  • Monthly contributions Upload
  • 1/3, 2/3 Commutation
  • Annuity Tracking
  • Annuity Purchase Report
  • Transaction Processing of Transfer in, transfer out and Settlements
  • TDS calculation for settlement
  • Complete Member and investment Accounting
  • Data for Actuary Valuation
  • Custom Formula for Gratuity Payment on ESS for employees to check their Gratuity Amounts
  • Investment Management
  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Monthly Return in Appendix A
  • Monthly Pension and EDLI returns and challan filling and deposit
  • Annual Returns for Pension (Form 7 & 8 PS, etc.)
  • Submission of Form 2 (nominations) and Form 13 for pension transfer
  • Submission of Form 10 C & 10D with the RPFC
  • Complete management of the employee data base
  • Transaction processing of loans, settlements, Form 13 tracking and transfer outs
  • Uploading of contribution and challan generation
  • Statutory Compliance
  • International Worker Check Points
  • UAN mapping and creation of new UAN
  • Maintenance of accounts, till finalisation and overseeing and assisting in the audit completion with appointed auditors
  • Bank Reconciliation, liaison with bankers for statements
  • Form 16 preparation and issuance
  • Preparation and submission of Monthly quarterly MIS and reports as may be required by the Trustees
  • Maintenance of Security Registers
  • e-TDS
  • Filing of annual IT returns

Add on Features

    Auto-mailers and alerts for

  • FORM 13 Received, Transfer in Received
  • Sending Settlement calculation sheet and payment details to employees’ Personal email IDs
  • Employees who have not submitted their nominations forms
  • Emails along with the Attachments of Procedures to withdrawal and forms, for resigned employees during the month serving Notice period to withdraw their PF to reduce Liabilities
  • Emails for exited employees Separated for more than 36 months
    Dedicated Helpline Number

  • Fast Query resolution
  • Tracing the ex-employees to withdraw their PF

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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