Business Process Management and Shared Services

Reinventing BPM & Shared Services

In today’s volatile business scenario and increasing proliferation of disruptive technologies, the need of the hour is to do more with less and manage processes to enhance enterprise outcomes and agility. To improve productivity, deliver operational efficiency and reduce time-to-market, organizations are embarking on next-gen process management.

Conneqt follows a value-driven approach to BPM and shared services that helps deliver superior customer experience by leveraging the power of advanced technologies like RPA (robotic process automation), artificial intelligence and analytics.

Our solutions help you scale the BPM and Shared Service Center maturity curve for automation, standardization, centralization to witness continual process improvement and transform into a value creation center.

Delivering powerful business outcomes
We help clients stay ahead of the curve through next-gen transformational solutions that reimagine business processes and deliver improved efficiency, flexibility, insights and superior outcomes.

Our BPM & Shared Service Solutions

Conneqt’s best-in-class business process management and shared service solutions span across the industry value chain. Our dedicated CoE (center of excellence) deliver innovative BPM and shared service solutions through the combination of powerful analytical tools, process rigor and technology.

We work with our clients to design a methodology that specifically meets their current needs and delivers an approach that’s future-ready. Our BPM and shared services help in driving a fully optimized impact that extends operational excellence and supports the management to concentrate on strategic decision-making.

Our key service offerings include: 

Conneqt is the only platform-based auto insurance policy issuer having tie-up with over 12 insurers across India. We help in launching auto insurance products faster, speed up claim processing and reduce the regulatory risks while optimizing costs.

Our HRSS COE helps organizations deliver a seamless and unified employee experience and drive agility and productivity across HR functions.

Our Data Quality Management Services (DQMS) enable businesses to cleans the data and monitor its quality on an ongoing basis, to help turn your data into reliable information. Our end-to-end data enrichment tools help you understand your data, analyse it continually, cleanse, standardise and match data as well as maintain data lineage.

Our FAO services help improve business functions, profitability, and financial controls by implementing world-class technologies to monitor and drive improved performance across key activities and processes.

Our IT services and solutions are designed specifically to our clients’ needs that delivers sustained value to our clients that make a difference in the real world. We integrate newest technology and proven capabilities to completely transform your organization and get you ready for the digital future.

The digital marketing services from Conneqt enables clients to rise above the noise by deploying a digital marketing strategy that stands apart. We help winning customers by strategizing, implementing, running and maintaining successful Omni-channel marketing and digital marketing solutions.

Experience the Conneqt Advantage

With established domain expertise of over 15+ years in BPM and shared services, we’ve developed a tried and tested approach that’s effective and efficient. We apply focused research, clear business acumen, automating tool and strategy that’s aligned to provide actionable advice and practical answers to clients.

Extensive Experience

Conneqt draws on 15 years’ experience in advancing business technology and managing processes for our clients across industries. We combine deep domain expertise with a pragmatic attitude to partner with businesses.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our advanced analytics and business intelligence skills, methodologies, approaches and frameworks give us an unrivalled ability to generate value rapidly. We enable businesses to uncover actionable insights that help in identifying opportunities for continual improvement and driving measurable outcomes.

Advanced Automation & Digital Capabilities

We work closely with the clients to identify their current position and design the future strategy with guaranteed outcomes and end-to-end implementation.

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A global leader in Health and Fitness space based out of California, honor’s Conneqt with the prestigious “Annual Partner Excellence Award”

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Annual Partner Excellence Award
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