The Cloud Computing wave has transformed the So how big is the cloud computing in India?

In India, cloud computing is set to launch itself into the skies and stay there for a long time to come. If this seems like an exaggeration, here are some numbers.

Apart from these numbers, the euphoria surrounding the crowd in the IT sector simply cannot be undermined. IBM’s commitment as a cloud services provider in the country alone boasts of services to Indian majors such as Luminous, Airtel, HCL, Thermax and Tata Motors. Add to the mix, other cloud service providers who will be catering to the millions of small businesses in India. Considering that these small and midsized businesses have even more compelling reasons (minimum investment, pay-as-you use) to get on to the cloud, what we have on hand here is a sure performer.

The BI on the cloud story in India

Business Intelligence on the cloud is a mix that few enterprises can resist. A Redwood Capital report predicts the global outreach of cloud-based BI will increase from less than a billion dollars in 2013 to almost $ 3 billion in 2018. And according to Srikanth Karnakota, Director of Microsoft India’s Server and Cloud Business, the cloud business in India has been growing at a ‘disproportionately high’ rate.

The BI or Big Data components are doing great on the cloud platform in India too. Srikanth adds that people are ‘opening up their minds, and realizing that the cloud is a platform that offers the best BI solutions, no matter what the size of a business may be. While large enterprises try to find the link between the data they already have as well as the amorphous data at hand, midsized enterprises are looking for enhanced functionality from their existing hardware. In the same scenario, small businesses have the liberty to move licenses and run operations across hybrid environments. So irrespective of the size of business, BI on the cloud surely offers a win-win situation for all!

Cloud service providers in India

India has never been late to an IT party and the same headway is being registered on the cloud platform too. The list of top cloud service providers in India is impressive, and the names suggest that the segment is indeed in strong hands. Ranging from names like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro and Zenith Infotech to others like Synapse India, CtrlS, Ozonotel Systems and App Point, every major IT player in the country has jumped on to the cloud bandwagon already. Add to this the commitment that international biggies like IBM and Microsoft are promising the Indian market and the going is not only good, but also great!

At Conneqt Business Solutions, our ‘Let’s Simplify’ mantra applies to Business Intelligence in the Cloud environment too. Our BI analytics and research service offerings help our clients overcome key business and technical challenges.

So how does the Cloud feature in your business plans? Is it only a small part of the big picture or does it plays a far greater role in your scheme of things? We would love to know your angle on the future of cloud services in India, so begin sharing your thoughts below.

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