Digital Marketing is a sphere with limitless options and possibilities. Thankfully, some of the strategies and tools on offer cost nothing (or at least close to nothing) and this helps those who are working on a shoestring budget. If you are looking for the right way to get your digital marketing campaign going, without having to spend whopping amounts, here are three rock-solid tips that will help you do just that.

1. Plan well, then plan some more

If you cannot afford to spend too much, it also means you cannot afford to make mistakes. Make sure your plan is in place even before you make the first move. Remember, it is better to learn from another’s mistakes than make them yourself! Statistics, infographics, blogs, videos, interviews, and helpful articles like this Forbes blog by Ilya Pozin, are all out there to help you, so use them. Pore through the details of as many digital marketing campaigns as you possibly can. Study the strategies, and then shortlist the ones that will work great for you.

  • A list of lucrative markets
  • Age groups you plan to aim for
  • Groups of associated products/services for your intended consumers
  • Your competition and what they are doing right, and wrong
  • Your favorite business or marketing websites
  • The exact budget you plan to draw the line at

Going through these details will help you decide on the nature of the campaign you want. You can then apply the cost factor to these and begin hunting down the best alternatives.

2. Do not use every accessible tool; use the ones that work for you

High-impact digital marketing tools are in their hundreds. That is the good news. The best news is that most of them are free. Do not go overboard though. Finding the right channels and adopting them will save you time, and of course money.

  • Write blogs – They establish a personal connection with readers and project your business as one that is willing to work on establishing a personal touch
  • Use videos – You do not always have to spend on a professional. A well-made office video with genuine ideas will work just as well
  • Use social media – Definitely use social media statistics like how four out of ten social media enthusiasts buy products or services after sharing about them through channels such as Facebook or Twitter are only one of many to hook your business to the tremendous strength that social media will add to your campaign, read our white paper that explains 3 simple ways to launch your products using social media.
  • Use professional channels – Channels like LinkedIn are integral to your campaign. And they are free too.
  • Get mobile into the mix – No matter what your budgeting or even time constraints are, always get the power of mobile on your side.

Explore channels that are tried and tested. They may not be exclusive but they are up there on the list of favorite solutions for a reason.

3. Work fast and plug those loopholes, even the little ones

While working on a tight budget, losing time means losing money. At the back of your mind, always know that no matter how exclusive your niche, there is someone out there waiting to get in, so make your moves fast. Things get out of hand before you know it so pay attention to these pieces.

  • Operational costs could go up quickly without you even realizing it
  • No matter what move you make, always pay attention to the budget, even if it means something as small as signing up for a relatively cheap marketing tool that you think is simply amazing to pass up on
  • The digital marketing playground is a huge one so make sure you do not include any money-guzzling solutions in your repertoire
  • Always be on the lookout for those loopholes and put every strategy under a magnifying glass with budget spelt out on it. On a tight budget, even a single loophole could prove to be unforgiving

Working on a tight budget is fun. Well, this may not be true really but believe in it anyways! Take up the challenge and grasp every strategy and tool to get you there. After all, the Internet is undeniably a treasure hold of both!

So how has your business garnered the tremendous potential of the digital world? How flexible is your marketing budget? We would love to hear your ideas below that will build an optimized digital marketing model that incorporates the best of both, budget as well as strategy!

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