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Telecom & Media

The last decade has witnessed a rapid pace of technological advancement in telecom and media. Once seen as two distinct industries, the worlds of telecom and media have well and truly intersected, with the smart phone becoming the fastest growing medium for information consumption and media engagement. Be it watching a video, reading the news, listening to music, or accessing the internet, the smart phone is increasingly becoming the singular electronic accessory we cannot do without. Its traditional uses - sending and receiving calls/messages - have long been relegated to the background as mere hygiene factors.

This necessitates telecom and media service providers to constantly innovate and create products & services that are multimedia-friendly, enable heavy-duty usage with smooth functionality, and are constantly updated with new and rich information. Added to this, is the pressure on operators to constantly engage with partners, evolve new and relevant offerings, reduce time-to-market and keep customers from straying to competition.

The rapidly-evolving technology landscape, changing customer needs and the need to grow the customer base constantly have prompted the telecom and media industry to outsource operations to third party service providers, that offer scalable business process outsourcing solutions and have proven expertise in the telecom and media space.

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we understand the challenges of the telecom and media industries. We work with some of the world's leading providers of telecom and media services, learning every single day, while we continue to add value to them and simplify the lives of their end-customers.


Offerings and benefits


Customer management & retention
Security concerns
Intense competition
Digital presence


  • Lead generation
  • Feedback management
  • Cross-selling, Up-selling
  • Tele-sales
  • Churn management
  • Retention services
  • Order verification
  • Order management
  • Process audits
  • Quality audits
  • Collections
  • User awareness campaigns
  • Consumer surveys
  • Smart analytics
  • Learning & development for ecosystem
  • Content development
  • Digital audit
  • Search engine optimization and online reputation management
  • Online campaigns


  • Omni-channel engagement, enabling unified customer interaction analytics
  • Rapid expansion and customer acquisition; high satisfaction levels
  • Surer, process-driven growth, without compromising on pace
  • Higher subscriber awareness levels, leading to secure networks
  • End-to-end process ownership, involving periodic audit of client’s vendors’ data security practices
  • Higher subscriber engagement, based on constant two-way communication and relevant value-adds
  • Customized programs and offers based on data analytics
  • Better top-of-mind awareness
  • Targeted marketing
  • Compelling online presence, leading to greater brand affinity among younger subscribers

Case Studies


Conneqt Business Solutions serves some of the world's leading telecom and media companies, delivering significant business results:

  •   GSM Services
  •   Leading DTH Services
  •   Broadband & Telecom Services

GSM service provider with a subscriber base of over 170 million

  • Unified analysis and audit of calls across service lines - inbound, outbound, data services and back office
  • Readily available skilled manpower to handle additional volumes
  • Multilingual support for call audits
  • Identified a range of improvement areas - agent impact on repeat calls and CSAT, process gaps and system leakages, system misuse and non-adherence, financial impact of wrong waivers, incorrect routing, fatal errors due to inadequate security checks, delays in new customer activation, billing-related queries and disputes, circle- and service partner-wise score variance, etc.
  • Identified opportunities to enhance customer delight - Simplification of processes and policies, quick and accurate first call resolution, correct capturing of customer issues for better analytics, better information flow to the back office, predicting market changes to evolve services before customer demand, etc.

Leading DTH services provider with a subscriber base of over 11 million

  • Improved service levels from 60% to 94%
  • Improved quality scores from 55% to 90%
  • Reduced incorrect service requests from 21% to 5%
  • Generated 33% of the client's total activations through inbound and outbound contact centers
  • Reduced subscriber churn by having 24% of the total subscriber base on long duration packages
  • Improved recovery revenues by 17-20% through retention campaigns in FY13-14
  • Increased conversion rate from 27% to 67%
  • Improved ARPU across conversions from 75% to over 95%

Broadband & telecom services provider with subscriber base of over 63 million

  • Improved quality score from 67% to 83%
  • Improved retention rate from 5% to 14%
  • Reduced - No action - cases from 60% to 2%
  • Reduced repeat calls from 17% to 12%
  • Improved SLA compliance from 78% to 99%
  • Reduced turnaround time from 8-10 hours to 10 minutes
  • Grew customer appreciations from 5/month to 100+/month
  • Reduced complaints per 1000 subscribers from 9% to 1.3%
  • Increased CSAT from 30% to 60%


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