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We enable manufacturing companies to focus on innovation, product improvement and cost optimization by taking on their non-core, high-volume work.



Manufacturing has traditionally played a vital role in the rise of most economies, contributing significantly to GDP, creating jobs and encouraging consumption. However, a range of factors are coming together to challenge the pre-eminent position of the manufacturing industry. The current economic environment, high cost base, stringent regulations and the rise of multiple manufacturing hubs globally are making manufacturing a very competitive and demanding industry to operate in. Added to these factors is the increasingly rapid redundancy of much manufacturing technology due to faster innovation and shorter product cycles.

Manufacturers are finding themselves in the unique position of maintaining the core of manufacturing – efficiency, repeatability and quality – while constantly adapting their processes, systems and products to meet rapidly changing customer needs & preferences, market developments and competitor actions.

Manufacturing companies stand to benefit immensely by outsourcing their non-core processes to business process outsourcing service providers with proven expertise in the manufacturing industry. Outsourcing non-core processes can help manufacturers achieve cost competitiveness, build agility into the system, focus on innovation and utilize skills better.

At Conneqt Business Solutions, we work with globally-reputed manufacturers to help address diverse challenges, while enabling them to focus on their core business.


Offerings and benefits


High structural costs
Product innovation
High healthcare & insurance costs


  • Lead generation
  • Cross-sell, Up-sell
  • Tele-sales
  • Integrated campaigns
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Greater focus on innovation, by outsourcing day-to-day tasks
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Social listening and online reputation management
  • 24x7, omni-channel services


  • Cost arbitrage
  • Higher competitiveness
  • Optimizing healthcare and insurance costs, yielding significant savings across a large workforce
  • Addressing diverse queries and expectations across geographies
  • Timely response and resolution, leading to stronger word-of-mouth

Case Studies


Conneqt Business Solutions partners closely with some of the world's leading manufacturing companies, delivering significant business results:

  •   Automobile & Commercial
  •   Global Leader
  •   Steel Companies
  •   Equipment Manufacturers

India's largest automobile & commercial vehicle manufacturing company

  • Helped move the client’s ranking from 11th to 5th in the 2010 JD Power survey
  • Enrolled over 50% of inbound callers to the 24x7 breakdown assistance service
  • Centralized mailroom activities from a single location
  • Provided multilingual support (13 Indian languages apart from English) for inbound & outbound calls
  • Handled revenue generation and value-added services such as Extended Warranty and Annual Maintenance Contracts

The global leader in semiconductor equipment

  • Integration of various customer care functions at one place – Entire liaisoning activity between client support teams, customers and external logistics is carried out by the call centre
  • Reduced cycle time of repairs through constant follow-ups, resulting in an increase in the revenue share for the client vis-à-vis competitors
  • Reduced outstanding payments by generating invoices on time, and constantly following-up with customers for purchase orders on blocked and not-confirmed orders
  • Decreased customer escalations by 50% through proactive monitoring of transactions
  • Improved call quality scores from 80% to 90%
  • Decreased order processing time by 33%

One of the world’s pioneering steel companies with a $25 billion market cap

  • Effected cost savings through efficient staffing approach during seasonal fluctuations; resulted in enhanced customer service experience and SL adherence
  • Improved quality score from 80% to 93% from July to March 2013

Indian arm of one of the largest auto & equipment manufacturers in Europe

  • Maintaining more than 90% quality scores at all levels
  • Provided technological expertise and strategic insight to ensure that a consistent and unified brand message was presented to the market
  • Higher dealership satisfaction and higher ratings on important customer satisfaction indices helped increase sales


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