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Utilities & Energy

Utility and energy companies are adopting Omni- channel services to cater to the changing demands of customers with innovative services as a solution to face cost saving imperatives. Companies are implementing smart metering solutions and environmental mandates in different countries. For State –owned utilities investing in new technologies is challenging due to budget constraints. Companies are finding it difficult to retain expertise manpower technically called shrinking talent pool is another concern in this industry.

Conneqt offers a range of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to utility and energy companies to build robust and technically advanced services to balance cost and output. These end-to-end services make outperformance achievable to elevate the company at every stage. Our technology, end-to-end solutions, expert manpower, exposure to the changing market trends enables us to provide customer satisfaction at every level.

Sector Offerings

  • Customer analytics – segmentation, , NPS analysis lifetime value analysis,
  • Customer retention, cross-sell / up-sell
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer Care – queries, correspondence (for example, IVR, chat, mail, social media)
  • Exception handling

Evolving customer expectations is grappling with complexities in the energy and utility industry due to stern regulations and the evolution of new technologies. Today’s customers are demanding greater customer experience and transparency thus putting pressure on companies’ ability to serve better.

A collaborative approach alone can help companies tackle the challenges and execute their vision effortlessly. Conneqt acts as a strategic partner with the right expertise to co-create delightful end-customer experience in their meter-to-cash (process encompassing meter installation to the collection of cash) journey governed by analytics and digital technologies.

  • Account management, billing, collections, exception management
  • CIS platform (Business Process as a Service hosted with varying delivery models)

Privatization has significantly changed the utilities and energy market with the rise of, aggressive competition, free enterprise, a varied massive workforce and focus on sustainability. Shareholder value can be delivered only by improving efficiency, reducing cost therefore companies in the utilities, and energy sector increasingly prefer on outsourcing solutions.

Shared services structure can reduce investments and provide companies a significant competitive advantage with benefits to enhanced customer experience. Conneqt provides shared services outsourcing for companies in the utilities and energy industry to keep costs at a minimum. Most CFOs share a common objective – to build an effective and efficient future-ready finance organization, ready to face the unexpected.

  • Research & analytics
  • HR administration, legal services
  • Finance & accounting, collections, procurement

Business Intelligence (BI) plays a vital role to resolve the challenges faced by the utilities and energy sector. These challenges include increased competition, liberalism, privatization, more focus on environmental requirements and cost value efficiency. With immense pressure on profit margins, it is evident that utility and energy companies should adapt to the changing market dynamics. Companies in this sector are using the services of BPM providers to gain specific market insights and improve decision-making.

  • Build dashboards, reports and online portals for better transparency and monitoring
  • Gather, integrate and analyse operational data / metrics
  • Pilferage management, meter data management, outage management
  • Work & asset management

Utility and energy companies are constantly trying to sustain and survive in an ever-changing environment where they have to provide more energy for better global growth against the fast dwindling resources. At the same time, governments in a bid to control climate change and create better energy security are imposing tighter regulatory norms. Faced with these multiple challenges, utility and energy companies are collaborating with BPM providers to remain more competitive.

Our services deliver a deep understanding of the utility and energy industry and provide the companies the tools required to transform processes and optimize.

  • New business models like pay-as-you-go should be designed
  • Innovative programmes should be designed for better customer satisfaction
  • Manage customer journeys

Conneqt Advantage

Deep Domain Expertise and Process Knowledge

Our years of experience is reflected by our grasp on utility and energy industries we offer to our clients understanding and shouldering the changing demands to outperform their business challenges.

Robust delivery capabilities

Our delivery capabilities are spread across shared service, contact centre and back-office processing

Adoption of best practices

We leverage inter-sectoral capabilities and standard guidelines from our experience

Proven expertise

We use novel commercial models designed by proven expertise to deliver services through analytics and technology across the utilities and energy industry, supply chain.