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A global leader in Health and Fitness space based out of California, honor’s Conneqt with the prestigious “Annual Partner Excellence Award”
Congratulations from Beachbody to the team of Conneqtcorp
Annual Partner Excellence Award
, Beachbody @ California

As an industry, the real estate sector is extremely vulnerable to market fluctuations. It is important for organizations to operate within the industry to maintain a high level of productivity, while enabling cost efficient solutions.

Conneqt’s consultative approach to Business Process Management processes helps companies build faster and smarter processes, acquire right technology and adopt automation for greater efficiency.

Sector Offerings

  • Real Estate Analytics : Vendor analytics, Property management (management fee analysis, profitability analysis), Common area maintenance (Benchmarking of average service charge by property type), MDM / Reporting / Dashboards
  • Customer Acquisition :Digital Marketing/Promotional Campaigns, Social Media Promotions, Lead Generation through Inbound & Outbound calling, Cross sell/ Upsell, Schedule Site visits

Conneqt Advantage

Dedicated team

Clients will have access to the right skills at the right time as we have a dedicated team of real estate professionals.

Transformation Approach

We transform client processes with thorough interventions in process improvement, technology and automation.

Shared services expertise

Our shared services centres for BPM finance and accounting and human resource management across business units has helped clients streamline and consolidate processes, automate quickly and reap higher productivity gains.

Industry Insights

Marketing Technology Statistics

Mr. Thompson P Gnanam, Chief Digital Business Officer, Conneqt was a key panellist at Global Round Table conducted in partnership with CII – Banking Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Global Round Table in partnership with CII – Banking Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Impact of technology on CFO function amidst COVID-19 & Key SSC Transformation Trends | Mr. Thompson P Gnanam, Chief Digital Business Officer, Conneqt

Panel Discussion: Are Shared Services And Outsourcing An Asset In Supporting Innovation And Growth

CS In A Box - Comprehensive Solution For Customer Service In One Package

Next-Gen Digital Marketing 2.0 With Predictive Analytics

Unlocking The Powerful Insights By Tapping Into Data Science & Analytics

Revolutionize Customer Experience With NLP-Powered Bots

Artificial Intelligence-Augmented CFO Cockpit To Help CFOs Make Better Decisions

Accelerate Business Outcomes With Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Transforming Loan Management With Next-Gen Digital BPAAS Solutions

Fuel Your BFSI Transformation Journey With Digital BPAAS DPA Solutions

Accelerating Business Outcomes With DPA On-Demand RPA CoE

Webinar on - " Way Forward - Global Business services and Outsourcing Industry "

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