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Automotive & Manufacturing

Manufacturing has traditionally played a vital role in the rise of most economies, contributing significantly to GDP, creating jobs and encouraging consumption. However, a range of factors are coming together to challenge the pre-eminent position of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers are finding themselves in the unique position of maintaining the core of manufacturing – efficiency, repeatability and quality – while constantly adapting their processes, systems and products to meet rapidly changing customer needs & preferences, market developments and competitor actions.

Manufacturing companies stand to benefit immensely by outsourcing their non-core processes to business process outsourcing service providers with proven expertise in the manufacturing industry. Outsourcing non-core processes can help manufacturers achieve cost competitiveness, build agility into the system, focus on innovation and utilize skills better. At Conneqt Business Solutions, we work with globally reputed manufacturers to help address diverse challenges, while enabling them to focus on their core business.

Sector Offerings

  • Customer Servicing :Inbound and Outbound Live Operator services, Service or Product Information, Scripted Information Dissemination, Mailing of Literature and Information Requests, Multi-lingual Service (English/Hindi/Bengali/Marathi/Kannada/Malayalam
    Voice Mail, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Email Correspondence
  • Testing & Maintenance :Train, Implement Testing Program, Audit & Adjust
  • Business Continuance Plan :People, Process, Data
  • Disaster Recovery Plan :Identify Recovery Teams, Develop Recovery Procedures, Training Recovery Teams, Change Management Procedures, Explore Alternative Technology Platform, Retrieve Backup data
  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation :Identify Key Risks, Prioritize Probable Tasks, Vulnerability Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis :Prioritize Critical Business Areas, Prioritize Risk Impact, Estimate Recovery Time, Evaluate Security Controls
  • Business Continuity Strategy :Identify Strategy Needs, Reduce Risk Profile, Faster Recovery, Mitigating Damages, Explore Alternative Sites & Storage
  • F&A :Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, General Accounting, Closing and Reporting, Treasury and Tax Services, Fixed Asset Accounting Financial Planning and Analysis
  • HRO :Payroll & Statutory Compliance, Employee Life Cycle Mgmt. (Hire-to-Retire), Employee Administration and Support Services, Exempted Provident Fund Mgmt. (Platform/SaaS), Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Conneqt Advantage

Unrivalled knowledge of Automotive & Manufacturing Industry

Our industry specialists in the Manufacturing domain provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the clients. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge enables us to understand the unique business needs of each client.

Automation Solutions

We implement robotic process automation solutions to improve process efficiency, enhance operational excellence.

Robust Delivery Models

Our robust delivery models act as transformation levers to provide our clients with the flexibility to rapidly scale teams up or down, ensure high quality services and improve the time to market radically.

Industry Insights