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Embrace ESG as a Service for a long-term strategy to Success


ESG is the connection between your organization’s long-term strategy and its success. Now, more than ever, organizations are constantly thinking about the Environment, Social, and Governance issues and preparing for them.   


Realize the full value of ESG, and reduce operating costs of ESG processes with the tech-enabled “ESG as a Service” offering by Conneqt powered by ImGrows from BillionLives.  



Our innovative approach is to transform, modernize, and run your ESG program while constantly monitoring the ESG trends in your industry sector using sentiment analysis technology. 


We redesign your ESG process to deliver an end-to-end strategy that covers 1. ESG Readiness 2. Materiality Assessment 3. Sustainability Strategy 4. Sustainability Reporting  5. Assurance reporting support 6. Performance Monitoring. 


We deliver with an unparallel focus on your core ESG program while adopting a consultative approach and best practices with technological interventions that help stakeholders monitor and maintain the ESG health of the organization. We bring a future-ready approach through a flexible operating model helping organizations generate sustainability reports per various international (SASB/GRI) and Indian standards (BRSR).

ESG Readiness

  • Diagnose current ESG readiness by conducting ESG Maturity Survey
  • Generate peer benchmarking and sentiment analysis using ImGrows AI framework

Materiality Assessment

  • Quantify which topics organizations need to consider as the material to their operations from an ESG perspective through stakeholder inclusive materiality surveys

Sustainability Strategy

  • We design and implement an organization’s ESG/sustainability strategy, including vision, strategic targets, and implementation action plans


  • We prepare impactful ESG/Sustainability reports following domestic and international standards such as BRSR, GRI & SASB

Assurance / Verification

  • Facilitate assurance process with auditing and assurance firms
Performance Monitoring
  • We help our clients to improve their ESG Performance through multiple initiatives. 
  • We monitor the progress of ESG initiatives and report on their output and outcomes using ImGrows. 
  • We help organizations collect data from their ERP, HRMS, CRM, SCADA, and DCS using the ImGrows data acquisition module. 
  • ImGrows blockchain infrastructure ensures data collected for generating sustainability reporting is immutable as you cannot manipulate data that’s already in the blockchain 

A well-defined ESG strategy and its effective execution help organizations run a sustainable business by striking a balance between stakeholders’ expectations and company goals. 


Conneqt’s ‘ESG as a Service’ offering powered by ImGrows is your solution!