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Employee Lifecycle
Management Services

Reimagine Employee Experience and Boost Engagement

Employee Lifecycle management


The need of the hour is top-of-the-line employee lifecycle management that focuses on enriching the employee’s engagement with the brand – from hire to retire. Companies that offer a consistent, rewarding experience to their employees across touchpoints stand a far greater chance of retaining them, generating stronger financial performance, and ensuring higher customer trust.


Conneqt offers managed HR services that assist an organization throughout the employee life cycle. From recruitment to retirement, our talented resource pool guides you through every step of the employee administration procedure. We utilize evolving digital technologies to deliver true end-to-end employee management solutions ensuring flexibility, quality, and efficiency.


We help our clients across banking, financial services & insurance, automotive & manufacturing, travel and hospitality, to create enduring relationships with employees. Our ELCM services help organizations deliver a seamless and unified employee experience and drive agility and productivity across HR functions

Business Challenges

To transition towards organizations of tomorrow, CHROs and other leaders must focus on transforming the fundamental tenets of the organization. Management practices based on traditional rules will no longer be effective in the current times.


Bold business moves are the need of the hour, as labour shifts to talent, hierarchies convert into networks of teams, and competitors grow into ecosystem collaborators. Businesses are becoming more human: collaborative, inspiring, and bent on building an employee experience that is meaningful and delightful. The demand is to build a model that is resilient and responsive.


Our skilled team covers the entire spectrum of the employee lifecycle – from hire to retire, which helps exceed your business objectives, improve employee experience and mitigate any possible risks. We utilize evolving digital technologies to deliver end-to-end employee management solutions, ensuring flexibility, quality, and efficiency for the businesses we partner with.

Our RPO services create a strategic business advantage for clients by sourcing qualified, full-time employees rapidly while keeping cost, risk, and operational complexity to the minimum. Through Recruitment Process Outsourcing we become an extension of your talent acquisition team, managing a part of or the complete talent acquisition cycle.

Conneqt’s comprehensive payroll and statutory compliance services enable clients to optimize costs, improve compliance, drive efficiencies, and focus on their core business. Our payroll specialists offer you unparalleled subject-matter expertise in providing accurate support to your employees’ payroll while helping you save time.

Pay policies, procedures, and processes can change frequently and may be often complex. Conneqt’s employee administration and support services help you provide value and drive measurable results while eliminating your administration and support desk issues. Our services are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Case studies

Why Conneqt?

We have been managing end-to-end ELCM for our clients for over 15 years, and our services and solutions are tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our Centre of Excellence enables us to reduce the time to set up your shared service centre considerably.
We design and implement disruptive digital technologies including robotic process automation and cognitive robotics that are capable of enhancing customer interactions and efficiencies.
Our customer-centric business model helps drive better engagement.
Our wide delivery footprint, multilingual capabilities and proven expertise across industries and offerings make us the go-to service provider for medium and large enterprises seeking business transformation.
Our committed outcomes of growing revenues, enhancing experience, and enabling efficiency resonate strongly with clients.