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Digital Automation

Transform customer experiences with accuracy, speed and increased productivity.

The need of the hour for businesses is to become more customer-focused and innovative through digital automation that cuts across organizations, people, and processes. Digital process automation (DPA) uses digital technology to automate tasks that involve human interaction across the entire spectrum of enterprise business processes. It extends the efficiency delivered by business process management (BPM) solutions to external users resulting in better user experiences.

Conneqt provides seamless digital automation capabilities across enterprise applications and infrastructure landscape, ensuring optimized customer engagement and process excellence across the IT landscape. Our digital automation services ensure end-to-end dynamic case management for processes with longer process durations. Our expertise with industry-leading low code platforms like PEGA, Appian, and OutSystems amongst others ensures optimized life cycle implementations of enterprise-wide DPA initiatives.

Client Stories

Why Conneqt ?

Expertise in digital integration, analytics and AI implementations make Conneqt a one-stop hub for our clients’ enterprise-wide automation implementation needs.

An adjustable model to help you manage variable demand of a highly skilled automation consultant pool to optimize cost​.

Agile service delivery for short and continuous deployments, delivering rapid value.