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Digital Assurance


As digital innovation takes the centre stage across organizations, technology plays a key role in driving business growth. This has created pressure on teams to deliver software faster with higher quality, like never before. Traditional QA strategies and methods are inadequate to assure quality in new-age digital platforms and applications with multiple channels, devices, and varying customer needs. Conventional automation approaches are insufficient to meet the speed & agility.


We help you set up a Digital Assurance platform leveraging industry best practices, tools, technologies, and partnerships. The 3 key focus areas of the framework are CX/UX Assurance, Omnichannel Assurance, Scalability & Security Assurance.


  • Functional Testing (ST, SIT)
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Production Support
  • Package & Product Testing
  • Process packs for P&C business
  • Point Solutions
  • Strategic Alliances
  • TPI/TMMi based Test Process
  • Methodology
  • Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Data-Centric Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Test Maturity Assessments
  • Test Process Consulting
  • Setting up Centralized Testing/TCoE
  • Managed Test Services


Digital Assurance Framework

We help you set up DevOps driven Digital Assurance platform leveraging Industry best tools & practices

Cloud based Services

  • Performance testing
  • Mobile device testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • Regression testing

Continuous Quality

  • Shift-Left & Shift Right methodology 
  • Agile & DevOps enabled Quality management
  • BDD/TDD approach
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing guidelines


  • AI powered Self healing Automation
  • Unified framework for diverse platforms
  • Parallel Testing
  • Tool driven Risk based testing
  • Domain specific accelerators

Omnichannel Assurance

CX/UX Assurance

Scalability & Security Assurance

Digital Assurance

Case in Point: Test Automation Framework

.Reusable hybrid automation framework

.Uses functional decomposition, data driven approach.

.750+ regessiom test scenarios

.Executed whenever new build is being deployed


Shift-Left& Shift-Right Methodology

Value Proposition

  • Continuous Testing and automation for efficiency and scale
  • Predictive analytics driven testing with continuous monitoring of performance & customer behaviour to ensure better quality and application health
  • Maintainable automated test suites with reduced redundancy
  • Real-time dashboards: Monitoring testing activities & application health
  • Cost savings with DA framework
Why Conneqt?
Deep domain expertise in banking, financial services & Insurance.
We implement ‘Shift Left & Shift Right QA’ methodology & AI-powered automation for increased efficiency.
We ensure upskilling and enable continuous learning which is in sync with fast pace changes in the technology landscape
Through our understanding of Digital Assurance objectives and continuously upskilled employees, we deliver a delightful customer experience.
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