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Customer Lifecycle
Management Services

Engage customers in a compelling & consistent way

Customer Lifecycle management


CLM services that focus on enriching the customer’s engagement with the brand, right from product/service evaluation to renewal/upgrade, are the need of the hour.


Companies that offer a consistent, rewarding experience to customers across touchpoints stand a far greater chance of retaining them and also of generating better word-of-mouth publicity, which helps reduce marketing spends significantly.


As India’s premier CLM service provider, Conneqt, delivers the right combination of world-class technologies, intelligent analytics, proven lean processes focused on helping organizations grow revenues, enhance the experience and enable efficiency.


We redesign the processes to deliver an end-to-end strategy that covers the complete customer lifecycle. We offer vertical-agnostic customer acquisition, onboarding, customer support, and customer retention services. In addition, our consulting & audit services and market research & analytics services focus on the desired outcomes which are tailored to client needs.

Business Challenges

IoT and digital disruption have enhanced the risks of obsolescence for every business. Businesses need to adopt a 360-degree customer experience management approach to remain competitive in today’s age of growing customer needs.

Research has shown that prioritizing customer success and ensuring a consistent customer experience after the sale can help companies earn ~46% more revenues than their peers. However, this is easier said than done. Customer experience is developed over time and through many interactions that an end-user has with a brand, across functions such as engineering, retail & customer service.

A Salesforce Research points that 80% of customers agree that the customer experience offered by a company is as important to them as its products or services.


In this stage of CLM, we enable clients to acquire customers, generate leads, follow up on those leads, run various campaigns to generate leads, and finally convert those leads into business orders for them. Organizations across industries are observing significant revenue leakage if they do not streamline the first phase of customer lifecycle management scientifically. So, our specialized services make the entire cycle of customer acquisition more rapid, productive and cost-optimized.

Our Customer Target and Acquisition services include:
  • Multi-channel digital marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales operations
  • Marketing operations

In this stage, our professional onboarding support services team helps nurture customer relationships. We handle various onboarding initiatives to build a series of meaningful interactions with customers to cultivate long-lasting and valuable relationships.

Our Onboarding services include:

  • Order management
  • Activation
  • Welcome calling
  • Field fulfilment services

We follow a consultative approach and an outside-in audit methodology that helps arrest leakages, results in process improvement and recommendation, reduces repeats and enhances customer experience.

Our DMAIC model for audit services includes the following stages:

Define: Quality targets are identified

Measure: Auditing of process or function

Analyse: RCA (Root Cause Analysis), identification of process gaps and reporting of findings

Improve: Implementation of corrective actions

Control: Monitoring and tracking progress

This stage of CLM ensures customer loyalty management or customer retention. Technology enablement of customer service processes, by being more aware of customer needs and customizations gear up businesses to be more agile. 


Our Growth & Retention services include:

  • Collections
  • Loyalty and VOC
  • Customer survey
  • Consulting and research
  • Customer insights

In this stage of CLM, we handle the day-to-day services of customer management and customer support. This brings agility to businesses by reducing the time taken to serve a customer, thereby driving a positive customer experience and creating more opportunities for revenue growth.


Our Serve stage services include:


  • Omni-channel customer support
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Tech support
  • Audits
  • Billing management
  • Field fulfilment services

We have the domain expertise and capabilities to deliver end-to-end services and solutions for Market Research & Analytics.


Our Market Research Capabilities include:


  • Market research
  • Business research


Our Analytics Capabilities include:

  • Data management
  • Business intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Bi-analytics consultancy


I want to congratulate & appreciate every individual involved in the enterprise audit. We are seeing amazing focus by every lead, and during last quarter we were able to get some valuable inputs towards improving customer experience. For the last 12 months, the entire team has shown tremendous dedication in streamlining a lot of persistent issues while we strengthen our quality function. Such service builds great working relationships & we truly appreciate your support as a partner.

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Quality Leading Telecom Company

Excellent ongoing ICE/CSAT scores, very happy to know Conneqt is performing excellently in one of the KPIs. Please keep up the good work!! We are very much in striking distance of 80% ICE in MnG and Gujarat circles as well.

Customer Services Head Leading Telco

    Case studies

    Conneqt Advantage

    We support clients across the customer lifecycle (target - acquire - onboard - serve - grow - retain) and take ownership at all stages of the engagement (design - development - deployment - delivery - insights)

    We connect with customers through multiple modes (voice, IVR, web, email, video and voice chat, SMS, social media, self-service kiosks, agency and snail mail), while ensuring a consistent brand experience.

    Our wide delivery footprint, multilingual capabilities and proven expertise across industries and offerings make us the go-to service provider for medium and large enterprises seeking business transformation.

    Our committed outcomes of growing revenues, enhancing the experience and enabling efficiency resonate strongly with clients.

    Business, to us, is not the end, but merely the means to achieve a larger goal. Our affirmative action program positively impacts thousands of lives, while offering clients significant benefits. Our values, thus, play a key role in shaping the organization, our culture, and most importantly, the value that clients draw from their engagement with us.