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Implemented RPA solutions for a leading financial services company

Customer Profile

Our client is a one stop shop financial services provider that caters to the diverse need of retail, corporate and instituitional customers across businesses.

Business Challenges
  • Cheque collection and deposition in 24 designated banks
  • Payment receipts submission to client centers, for book entries
  • FTE’s to manually download entries & reconcile, upload to SAP
  • Entire process is manual, repetitive, rule based and prone to human errors


Data import: Login to SAP, access to SAP GUI, filter-based company codes, GL codes to filter items, saved filtered content as text file

Reconciliation: Prepare the reconciled data for sap upload

Posting reconciled data into SAP for client to understand the status of their customer payments


Improved customer satisfaction and time savings

Improved agent productivity and utilize the resources for more productive work

Better management and assignment of agents based on the priority settings.

Improved efficiency as bots can be scheduled to work beyond business hours