Transforming Customer Experience through Phygital

Transforming Customer Experience through Phygital

Transforming Customer Experience through Phygital
How Conneqt collaborated with the fastest growing e-commerce website in India to deliver exceptional customer experience and set an industry benchmark in achieving the lowest average response time of 4.14 minutes.

Our client is one of the top 10, fastest-growing e-commerce websites in India that offers first of its kind Phygital marketplace that combines online shopping with the offline store experience, to serve over two million customers.

Since the beginning of our engagement in 2015, we have been offering voice, email, chat, back office, and social media support to the client. Our ground-breaking online reputation management services and solutions have enabled the client to…

  • reduce the average response time to 4.14 minutes
  • maintain customer satisfaction scores of over 80%


Our client had an ambitious goal to deliver an unsurpassed digital experience to its customers. As staying ahead of the competition requires working in agile and new ways so our client wanted to implement best in class Online Reputation Management Support for its customer to manage the online reputation of their brand. 

The e-commerce major was looking for a partner with extensive expertise in delivering unified customer experience while integrating all customer touchpoints to provide a 360-degree customer view. 

The client outlined the following challenges and business requirements at the onset of the engagement: 

  • ORM (Online reputation management) tool had limited capabilities in terms of data analytics and response time tracking. So, it was difficult to track interactions and follow-ups. In addition, no single view of channel tickets and SLA monitoring was available for proactive reports. 
  • Absence of an integrated view of Contact Centre, Social Media ORM Platform and CRM challenging the holistic customer engagement strategy. 
  • The service team used to spend a lot of time looking for contact information, transaction information, communication history, and customer feedback on social media. 
  • They intended to regain the customer’s confidence by providing timely response and assurance of resolution. 
  • They wanted to assure resolution or provide a solution to the customers with minimal turnaround. 
  • They sought to offer unified customer experience while integrating response as well as resolution.


Conneqt was instrumental in delivering greater value to end customers through our integrated IT & Business Process outsourcing solutions (Omni-Channel & Digital Solutions). 

Here are a few initiatives executed as a cohesive approach to enhance customer experience with Social as a channel

  • New Social Media Tool deployed with assistance from the client
  • Created Google Sheet with filter view and restricted access for the relevant team to share update in real-time.
  • Segregated ORM team into customer interface group (response group) & resolution team for focused efforts to  achieve results
  • Work shift flexibilities utilized to match the load
  • A formulated standard ready to use response template for faster response 
  • Effective escalation matrix implemented for faster resolution of all complaints
  • SLA breach notifications set which ensured no slips and Governance at all levels
  • Skill-based recruitment and Effective manpower planning to achieve targets


Conneqt with a constant and continual focus on customer experience has implemented best-in-class Online Reputation Management Support mechanism for the e-commerce company. 

  • As a result, the average response time (ART) was drastically reduced from 40 minutes to 4.14 minutes just within   1 year of the engagement. 
  • Due to faster response rate on Facebook, the brand was tagged as very responsive. It was a major accomplishment for our client as usually, the very responsive tag is given to the brands that respond in less than 15 minutes. 
  • In addition, received client appreciation on faster response rate to social media complaints and none of the competitors   have been able to achieve such short response times in the industry.

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