CRM Transformation Partner To One Of India’s Largest Public Sector Bank

CRM Transformation Partner To One Of India’s Largest Public Sector Bank


Industry insight: 

BFSI is the prominent sector that is outsourcing their processes to call centre/BPO, as with growing number of products and services, banks cannot afford to hire in-house staff to handle non-essential processes. That is why, to reduce the overall cost of operations, Total cost of ownership and to allow them the opportunity to focus on their core competencies and to get returns on investments and also cross sell and upsell to customers, BFSI has looked into expanding their foot prints by choosing an ITeS partner to work as their extended arm.

Our Goals: 

Concerns raised by customers are tracked by raising tickets in CRM. Lead management and Call Detail records for each follow up call made for lead. Email is triggered based on escalation matrix defined by client.


  • Comprehensive database of Bank’s Branch, Products, Campaigns, Zone and SPOC. 
  • CBS integration for customers and their account information and other requests. 
  • Advanced Reports apart from native reports


Careful insight into customer queries will help in choosing correct framework of solutions, which would elevate customers lifecycle management and make the company stand as next generation leaders:


  • Ticket Management for concerns raised by customers
  • Leads Management & Call details
  • CBS integration
  • CTI Integration
  • Email Integration

Solution Outcome: 

  • Improved the customer experience for their concerns by giving details using API integration to backend systems 
  • Seamless service management to customers.


Conneqt with a constant and continual focus on customer experience has implemented best-in-class Online Reputation Management Support mechanism for the e-commerce company. 

  • As a result, the average response time (ART) was drastically reduced from 40 minutes to 4.14 minutes just within   1 year of the engagement. 
  • Due to faster response rate on Facebook, the brand was tagged as very responsive. It was a major accomplishment for our client as usually, the very responsive tag is given to the brands that respond in less than 15 minutes. 
  • In addition, received client appreciation on faster response rate to social media complaints and none of the competitors   have been able to achieve such short response times in the industry.

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