Social BPM takes Customer Experience Management a step further

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Engaging with customers today has to be on their terms and the customer today expects service not just from traditional platforms like phone and email but also on platforms they use more frequently viz. social media and smart phones. Hence, omni channel customer touch points are the need of the hour. No matter what channel customers use, no matter what departments they contact, they expect a consistent response from the company.


Not only is it important for companies to adapt to this change from better customer engagement POV but also because it is good news for their P&L. The new ways of customer service/engagement have lead to cost centers becoming profit center. Managing a customer on social media is less cost intensive as compared to a live agent on a 1-800 number. Thus moving customer service traffic, to hosted community management platform makes economic sense.

  Giftgaff a leading UK mobile operator provides all the customer services through its community platform for which it rewards it members with Payback points. Giffgaff happens to be one of the highest NPS scorers consistently over the last 3 years.

We believe the future of customer engagement is conversation hosting. Crowdsourcing of insights as done by Ford using social.ford.com. It is a fantastic example of how a company can listen, host, crowdsource voice of the customer to actual customer experiences


To state an example a 71 year old great gradma took delivery of a black Mustang (a brand perceived to be for the young). Her story (http://social.ford.com/your-stories/cars/mustang/nanas-mustang/) as shared on the conversation platform is selling Ford Mustang to a new audience without having to say a word. Customers share stories about mileage, sturdiness, aspirational machine etc. on this platform. It is everything that the brand FORD would have wanted to say. The platform also proves to be the right place to gather customer insights.

Companies that want to get a strategic advantage in their customer experience journey, need to setup an analytics platform that can integrate and analyse customer feedback from across online, social channels and voice data from call centers.

Text analytics on this data can help us define the current customer experience and identify need-gaps in the areas of customer preferences, customer value, churn propensity etc. The understanding can then be converted into actionable insights for our

clients. Actionable insights used to develop a strategy the proves to be a key differentiator.


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