Underestimating the impact of social media in the business sphere is an error no business in today’s competitive environment can make. Players in every business segment, from entrepreneurs to corporates, are making great use of social media platforms to enhance the capabilities, reach and growth of their business. Are they extracting the maximum benefits though, or are they only concentrating on the more popular, broader elements of advertising and marketing? 

Social media is the future, and it can offer your business answers to various complexities and one of them is lead generation. This post will explore ways to play the social media card well so that it is optimally put to use as a lead generating component.

5 Surefire Tips to Generate Leads from Social Media

On social media, plenty of channels and tactics keep your lead generating machines working all the time. If they aren’t, then something’s wrong in the way you’re playing your cards. Here are a few ways to optimize lead generation.

1.     Study the market, and then adopt the right channels

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube and more – several channels on social media are available for lead generation. Which are the ones that suit your product or service better? Choose your targets depending on what you wish to achieve – such as the demographic you wish to cater to or the specific products or services you wish to lay emphasis on. These details will ensure you zero in on only those channels that offer maximum benefits.

2.     Once you zero in on channels, play them over a long period

Zeroing in on the right channels help you focus your resources on those with maximum paybacks. Consistency pays too. So do not create a strategy that has you developing a campaign that may run only a few weeks. Keep the balls rolling – this will generate prolonged interest, helping you generate consistent leads that your organization can depend on over the long run.

3.     Use content, yours and others, wisely

You cannot do it alone. This may not entirely be true if you have a highly efficient lead generation formula, but consider it a possibility and work accordingly. While your business can only spend a limited amount of resources to churn out original content, you only have to lift a finger to access and share the content that’s already out there. Reposts, retweets, guest posts etc. will help you widen your lead generation net.

4.     Approach with dedication, and stay dedicated

When your organization takes the first step into the social media game, remember it is there to stay. Running a campaign or two and then abandoning the effort will surely send out wrong signals. Everything is out in the open here and staying is what develops the confidence of your audience. Get ready to answer questions, solve problems in real time and evolve in line with suggestions. When it’s social, the commitment factor counts!

5.     Adopt several channels, and then link them to one another

Social media is a wide-ranging platform and it is quite possible to lose yourself in its frenzy. Learn to maintain a balance though and make sure you engage every available channel. Don’t let these channels function as standalones either. Linking them to one another helps a great deal. For example, let your blog connect with your Facebook page, Twitter following, website, LinkedIn page, and vice versa. Interlinking various channels ensures widespread access and more mileage out of every piece of content.

At the end of it all, do not fail to monitor and improvise. Monitoring results using social media monitoring tools is as important as running campaigns. The feedback provided by monitoring tools wills help you tweak your resources so that you gain maximum mileage out of them. After all, generating leads isn’t a one-time act. For your business to thrive, your leads from the social media platform need to keep flowing steadily.

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