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Back in September of 2013, we started asking ourselves two really troublesome but deeply thought provoking questions – Why are we here and what do we do?

POE – The Purpose of Existence, The Start 

Thus started an exercise to define Tata BSS’ brand identity model. A rag-tag team of people representing the cross-section of the company – from Operations, Sales, HR and Marketing – came together as the The Marketing Circle (TMC) to take on this onerous task. We asked ourselves, what must have appeared strange at the time, questions like Purpose of Existence, Brand Personality, Attributes, Rational end Emotional Differentiators. We hotly debated about whether choosing our kid’s school and choosing an outsourcing partner were same so far as the anxieties of the parents and our clients was concerned. We agreed that in both the cases pedigree and past results were the key differentiators.

Some Early Encouragement

We found that one of the companies in the Tata group, the famous Jaguar Land Rover, had undertaken a similar exercise that resulted in Jaguar’s new brand essence of ‘Alive’. Within a month of launch, their media impressions went up 17,000 times and next 18 months sales exceeded combined sales of Lexus, Audi, Mercedes and BMW (LAMB) in Europe.

Why did we undertake this exercise?

As any competitive brand, we want to grow by leaps and bounds, targeting a 3 fold growth over time. In order to attain that aim, it is vital that we have a well-defined Brand; Its essence, the value proposition and identity of TBSS. While being a part of the huge TATA family is a matter of great pride and joy, it is also imperative to differentiate ourselves from family members. Experience showed a common confusion of identity and perception between TBSS and TCS. Keeping all the factors in mind, it was determined that we must strive to establish a clear brand identity that can guide the organization moving forward. A clear and strong brand essence will not only bring clarity to our identity, but will also bring coherence and make for better and richer communication with our customers in India and abroad.

How did we go about it?

Having established a need for a clear brand entity, we proceeded towards achieving our aim through a collaborative and federated process. During November 2013, we set about to identify the agency which would help us in our course. In-depth interviews were held with the various vertical heads and a thorough review of our own lineage through visiting corporate archives in Pune, reading of group publications like Tata Way, Tata Review, Tata Sphere. The TBEM application was a great place to understand how the organization perceives itself currently. This was followed by brain storming with TMC, discussions with external consultants and analysis of 10 competitors to identify potential routes to strongly differentiate. In January 2014, we built upon the research to create seven possible options. These were debated in an offsite workshop followed by further rounds of review, refinement and finalization.

So what is our new Brand Identity?

Our new brand essence is ‘The value of simplicity’. We exist to ‘Simplify’.
If TBSS were a person, it would be unpretentious, transparent, stable, collaborative and caring. This value establishes many benefits, some rational and others emotional. It suggests a structured, solution based approach targeting insightful solutions and sustained business benefits through simplification of processes and responsiveness. A philosophy where our high end tools, approaches and resources are singularly directed towards making life simpler for our stakeholders.

Simplicity is an extremely powerful concept at an emotional level as well, appealing to the growing realization of the value of simpler approaches in all walks of life amidst our increasingly complex lives. We are partners who simplify business problems and concerns, driving to the heart of business value creation directly and efficiently. We espouse an open, genuine and trustworthy character. Simplicity is the underpinning of genuine customer delight when we align our energies to the areas that really matter to customers.

The brand essence is carefully crafted to synergize with the Tata brand perception, supported by our credible track record. It brings back focus on the core appeal of BPM – simpler and more effective ways to manage business challenges for our customers. It can help us appeal to a wide cross section of customers spanning segments and we believe it can become a strong sales conversation starter as well.

What is the way forward?

Our brand essence will increasingly permeate all aspects of business. We remain focused on making it come alive for our key stakeholders – clients, customers, associates and the market. Whether it be through open communication across levels internally, deeper understanding of client issues, low-hassle product usage for customers or clarity to the analyst & media community. We invite you to talk about this evolution and become an integral part of the journey. We are sure it’s going to take us to exciting places – ‘Lets Simplify’!

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