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Application Modernization


Application Modernization is the process of taking existing legacy applications and modernizing their platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and/or features. This involves taking data and applications stored solely in on-premises systems and moving them to a Cloud or hybrid system. Application Modernization is quite essential in the current times due to the growing need for advanced applications to meet the ever-changing requirements.  


At Conneqt, it’s not mere application migration. Through our multi-dimensional approach, we help our clients develop a larger perspective and adapt an organizational mindset for establishing critical business applications that meet their business objectives. 


Business Challenges

  • Business inefficiency creating obstacles for the digital transformation journey
  • Older technologies creating legacy dependencies
  • Trouble in making enhancements and introducing new functionalities – legacy platforms meet the business needs of yesterday, but the demands of today are highly digitalized
  • Systems lacking full-stack security visibility – Outdated functionalities can’t adapt to evolving threats and internal applications, making it nearly impossible to implement additional layers of security quickly
  • Complexity in implementation and unnecessary maintenance costs


Value Proposition

  • Reduced costs and increased security & compliance
  • Drive agility – flexibility to spin up or spin down components of an application or to add new features quickly and efficiently
  • Enhance customer support through quick navigate systems
  • Faster innovation and speed to market
Why Conneqt?

We offer a customized, cost-effective, and sound business strategy to help you stay relevant in a highly competitive market.

We continuously invest in accelerators and software IP developed by us or jointly with partners.

We collaborate with a global network of market leaders and innovators to deliver premier cloud migration consulting services.

Our experts work with you to redevelop, manage, and integrate your applications into your new heterogeneous infrastructure environments.

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