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How Chatbots & Intelligent BPO Are Enhancing Customer Experience in Retail Industry.

Check out this article penned by our CEO Mr. Neeraj Tandon on “HOW CHATBOTS & INTELLIGENT BPO ARE ENHANCING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN RETAIL INDUSTRY” published by Indian Retailer on the 26th of October. This article covers many interesting aspects on “

The rise of intelligent BPOs is helping retailers tackle newer challenges of rising transaction volume, business complexity, and the need for personalized instant services.” on

  • How is AI Improving Customer Purchase Experience?
  • How is AI improving customer service and agent productivity?
  • Deriving Business Value

Please find the link below to read through the article:

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Strategic Leadership during Turbulent Times

With organizations undergoing unprecedented shifts and the nature of work moving to an increasingly decentralized model, the leaders role has come under increasing scrutiny, how should leaders respond?

Collectively as an organization we have been able to manage this crisis well and I am sharing some of my insights here.

All my leaders led by example and helped their teams adapt quickly to these new realities.

Looking to win customer experience game ?

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