Auto Insurance TPA

Driving greater value

in auto insurance

Conneqt works closely with multiple stakeholders across the auto insurance ecosystem, driving greater  value, cost savings and efficiency.


Auto Insurance TPA

Trust is a key element in the insurance industry. It’s what keeps the ecosystem of auto OEMs, auto dealers, insurance firms, brokers and customers seamlessly connected – and constantly engaging – with one another.

Outsourcing can be an invaluable asset to all stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem, easing several pain points, and helping them save time and money, both of which are critical in the highly competitive auto insurance industry. However, it is imperative to choose an outsourcing partner who can strengthen the circle of trust that keeps the insurance industry running smoothly.

Conneqt Business Solutions is the only platform-based auto insurance policy issuer with tie-up with 12 insurers pan-India. We offer a wide range of services in this space.


Auto Insurance TPA

  • Combination of domain knowledge, IT infrastructure, contact centre and mail room management services capabilities
  • Customizing, hosting and administering an application software that provides end-to-end solutions for automobile insurance process, available on public domain and accessible at dealership outlets
  • Customized for minimum data entry and compliant with the underwriting business rules of insurers
  • Integrated with the core systems of insurers in batch mode, scalable to online real-time through web services

Policy Administration

  • Software capable of handling new policy issuance, endorsements on policies and renewal of policies
  • Capable of configuring different rating structures on geography, vehicle model and specific dealers
  • Dealer helpline for answering queries of dealers on domain and software-related issues and dedicated team for support on mail
  • Handling offline issue of policies, in case of necessity

Claims Facilitation

  • Taking claim-related information and providing details on documentation required for claims process
  • Appointing and following up with loss assessors for speedy completion of loss assessment
  • Online real-time communication to customers/dealers/insurers and surveyors through SMS and auto-generated mails
  • Facilitating collection & routing of customer/dealer grievances, and following-up for resolution
  • Renewal process
  • Calling customers well in advance to remind them to renew their policies and reverse feeding the interested customer data to dealers to enable them to cover the last mile
  • Printing and delivering renewal letters to customers and sharing the data with dealers
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